Explaining the extraordinary  ‘Seinfeld’ fan theory
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Explaining the extraordinary 'Seinfeld' fan theory

If you don’t know what Seinfeld is, chances are you’ve lived under a rock or are probably a bit too young. You’ll likely know the groovy theme song though, especially if you’re knowledgeable in meme culture.  

Back in its heyday, during the 1990s, Seinfeld would rake in millions of viewers, particularly in its finale where its viewership increased to a whopping 76.3 million people in its audience. It centred around Jerry Seinfeld’s fictional interpretation of himself and was a sitcom set around his personal life and his friends. It was often described as “a show about nothing”, but it didn’t stop fans from thinking deeper and linking it to other theories. A fan theory has implied that Seinfeld and his friends are essentially just adult versions of the characters in the comic strip Peanuts. The idea is a little funny at first, but the more you dive into it the more sense it actually makes.  

The immediate response to this theory is to initially link both main characters together, those being of course Charlie Brown and Jerry Seinfeld. The theory doesn’t jump to this conclusion though, and instead it imagines George Costanza to be the grownup equivalent. The fan theory suggests that both characters are equally as pessimistic and unfortunate, with the icing on the cake being that they’re both made fun of by their friends. Another interesting thing to note is that they’re both bald too, and so the theory is becoming more and more believable.  

What about Cosmo Kramer? What does the theory say about him? Cosmo is Pig-Pen, a character that isn’t often seen in the comics, but shares considerably comparable qualities with Cosmo. It discusses the physical characteristics like their crazy and dirty hair, and their laidback chilled out personalities.  

So, if Jerry isn’t Charlie Brown, who is he? Quite believably, Jerry is similar to Linus. Both share qualities like holding on to childhood interests like Superman and trainers, and the theory implies that they’re both immature. It’s also worth mentioning that the theory discusses the idea that both characters are considered deep thinkers. 

The fan theory considers Elaine to be Lucy, in terms of both appearance and personality, and the similarities are quite damming. Her hair, and the way they both make fun of George and Charlie with particular observations are quite interesting…  

The theory, that was published on Reddit, highlight some pretty accurate links, mentioning that if you think the characters look and seem familiar, it’s because they are (according to the theory anyway).