Netflix drops trailer for Swedish series ‘The Unlikely Murderer’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Netflix drops trailer for Swedish series 'The Unlikely Murderer'

Netflix has shared the upcoming Swedish thriller series, The Unlikely Murderer, which will arrive on the streaming giant on November 5th, 2021. 

The five-episode limited series is based on the eponymous award-winning book by Thomas Pettersson. It will detail a fictional account of what ensued after the Swedish Prime Minister, Olof Palme, was murdered in 1986 and how the inefficiency of the police force combined with luck helped the killer evade capture. 

The killer, Stig Engström, was a graphic designer who was alleged to have murdered the PM. Despite the murder being pulled off in a botched manner and the police being on Stig’s tracks, somehow, with unfathomable good luck and temerity, Engström confounded the police force to evade arrest.

Created by Charlotte Brändström and Simon Kaijser, the programme is based on a screenplay by Wilhelm Behran and Niklas Rockström, adapted from Pettersson’s book. 

Additionally, the cast will star Robert Gustafsson in the lead role of Engström. He is known for films like The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared

Alongside him will be Torkel Petterson, Shanti Roney, Joel Spira, Henrik Norlen, Emil Almen, Magnus Krepper, Lia Boysen, Peter Viitanen, Cilla Thorell and Björn Bengtsson. 

Check out the trailer below.