6 Netflix Original films to watch in October
(Credit: Netflix)


6 Netflix Original films to watch in October

After a wonderful record in September, the spookiest month of the year is here and besides preparing our Halloween costumes and getting our candies ready, we should also be planning our binge-sessions on Netflix.

October 2021 has started off on a good note with a bunch of films and series coming to the streaming platform. With amazing new releases slated to premiere on the streaming platform later this month, Netflix users surely do have a lot to look forward to.

We’ve all been there: staring at Netflix endlessly flicking through film after film, hedging our bets as to which picture may suit our particular evening. More often than not, we head on back to the main menu or pick a film we know and love already. But fear not, for those wishing to broaden their horizons a little, we have you covered.

Below, we’re picking out some essential releases on Netflix this month and the five best films you have to watch right now.

6 Netflix Original films to watch in October:

Diana: The Musical 

With Tony and Olivier Award winners helming the project and starring popular faces from the musical realm in lead roles, namely Jeanna de Waal, Roe Hartrampf, Erin Davis and Judy Kaye, the musical was supposed to be a Broadway production that got delayed due to the pandemic. 

Detailing the beautiful yet tragic life of Princess Diana, the musical was highly anticipated. However, it has received an immensely negative response to its ditzy and emotionless premise. But, while some are outraged at the portrayal, others are picking out the film as the essential ‘hate watch’ of the year.

Watch the musical to judge for yourself.

The Guilty 

Adapted from its eponymous Danish feature, the film is also based on Nic Pizzolato’s riveting screenplay. Jake Gyllenhaal is seen as a demoted police officer Joe Baylor who is assigned to a harrowing 911 emergency call from someone who has seemingly been abducted. 

Bogged by his own inner demons, as he desperately tries to save the caller from imminent danger, he finds himself spiralling down a dangerous rabbit hole. The film premiered on 1st October and has received a lukewarm response owing to its splitting similarity to the original.

However, Gyllenhaal’s stellar performance as the conflicted Baylor has garnered immense praise. 

Night Teeth 

The film will deal with the crazy and bizarre misadventures of a quirky and idiosyncratic chauffeur named Benny who is in desperate need of cash. He drives around two mysterious women on a night of parties and debauchery in Los Angeles before understanding their crazy and sinister motives and obsession. 

Starring Jorge Lendeborg Jr., Alfie Allen, Lucy Fry, Debby Ryan, Sydney Sweeney, Raul Castillo, Megan Fox, and more, the film is a perfect watch for the spooky month as Benny is seen getting caught in a vicious standoff between vampires and the protectors of humankind. 

There’s Someone Inside Your House

Based on Stephanie Perkins’ novel, this horror-slasher flick revolves around a group of high school students plagued by a bloodthirsty serial killer. Makani Young moves from Hawaii to an isolated, Nebraska small-town to finish high school while staying with her grandmother. 

Just before graduation, her classmates are stalked by a mysterious killer who wears creepy life-like masks resembling each victim and threatens to expose their darkest secrets to the entire town that might lead to subsequent ostracisation.

Makani, along with her friends, must uncover the killer’s true identity and intent before it is too late and they become the next victims of his gnarly intent. 

Maya and the Three

The miniseries revolves around the tale of Maya, a rebellious and free-spirited warrior princess, who is on the verge of celebrating her fifteenth birthday and coronation when all plans get disrupted due to a shocking revelation from the gods of the underworld.

Maya must embark on a daunting quest to encounter the three great warriors according to the prophecy, which might help her in the uphill task of defeating the gods to save her people. 

The film sees a culmination of various mythologies belonging to the Aztec, Maya and Inca civilisations into the contemporary Caribbean culture. The film stars the likes of Zoe Saldana, Rita Moreno, Gael Garcia Bernal, Gabriel Iglesias, Stephanie Beatriz and others. 

Army of Thieves 

Army of Thieves is set to be a prequel to the successful blockbuster Army of the Dead. Starring Matthias Schweighöfer in the lead role as the ordinary small-town safecracker Ludwig Dieter, the film will focus on a massive European heist.

The job tries to take advantage of the financial collapse of the banking system in the United States due to the outbreak of the mysterious zombie pandemic in Las Vegas. 

After Army of the Dead, its prequel, achieved massive success on Netflix great things are expected of this new film. The cast will also include Nathalie Emmanuel,  Ruby O.Fee, Guz Khan, Stuart Martin and more.