Netflix and Premier League fail to reach deal for ‘Drive to Survive’ style show
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Netflix and Premier League fail to reach deal for 'Drive to Survive' style show

Following the success of Formula 1: Drive to Survive, Netflix were in talks with Premier League teams to create a similar style of docuseries. However, there has been a failure to agree on a deal.

Box to Box Films, the company that created Drive to Survive, expressed an interest in working with several Premier League clubs, discussing the potential of making a docuseries with Netflix for several months.

The series would have allowed fans unprecedented access to their favourite football stars, in the same vein that Drive to Survive gave audiences a behind the scenes look at the Formula One Championship races.  

Drive to Survive began airing in 2019, spawning over 50 episodes. A fifth and sixth season were renewed last year, with series five airing in February 2023. 

However, for access to the Premier League, Netflix offered £5 million a season over three years, yet the football clubs believed this to be too low.  

If the series had gone ahead, audiences would’ve been given access to between six and eight clubs, granting exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews with players and managers. 

Unfortunately for football fans, the series will not go ahead as, alongside the offer being too low, the Premier League believes that giving so much access to Netflix could potentially affect their domestic TV rights auction during the next football season.