Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ renewed for two more seasons
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Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ renewed for two more seasons

Netflix has renewed its popular Formula One show Drive to Survive for two more seasons amidst burgeoning drama and allegations against the streamer for allegedly “manufacturing drama” to make the series seem more interesting. 

Drive to Survive has been credited for piquing interest in the Formula One races as it records the previous season’s events, with the latest fourth season recording the turbulent events of the 2021 Formula One season where Max Verstappen defeated Lewis Hamilton in the final lap. This left the bosses at Mercedes fuming, who accused the race director of deliberately trying to “manufacture drama”. 

Verstappen, too, spoke out against the series, accusing Netflix of “faking rivalries” and trying to tweak the events to make them appear saucier. He even called the series “more like a reality show”. 

However, the show seems to be inculcating steady viewership, leading to the renewal of two more seasons, the fifth and sixth, that will cover the 2022 and 2023 championships. Thus, the new season will record fairly exciting events, including clips of Sebastian Vettel on a scooter in Australia after wrecking his car. 

Formula One has allegedly met with Netflix bosses to reach a common ground and prevent the streamer from editing out selective clips to make them appear more dramatic. 

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