Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’ season 5: Is there a new season?
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Netflix’s 'Drive to Survive' season 5: Is there a new season?

With the release of Drive to Survive season four, Formula One fans were practically vibrating in excitement given how riveting the season was.  Besides winning many awards, including a Telly Award and a BAFTA TV Craft Award, the series has provided intimate insights into the various events and operations of the F1 teams throughout the seasons. 

According to Ian Holmes, the director of media rights at F1, the series had helped widen the horizon about the potential of the sport and had aided in incredible growth. He spoke of how the series helped them tap a demographic of fans out there and communicate with them accordingly. 

The fourth season dealt with the Verstappen-Hamilton controversy when Max Verstappen bagged the much-coveted trophy after defeating Lewis Hamilton in the final lap in the Abu Dhabi race. This led to the top bosses at Mercedes accusing the F1 chiefs of deliberately fixing the match to “manufacture drama” and attract viewership. 

All the four turbulent seasons are now streaming on Netflix. Here is what we know about the possibility of a Drive to Survive season five: 

Netflix’s ‘Drive to Survive’: Will there be a season 5?

When did Drive to Survive season 4 release on Netflix? 

Drive to Survive season four premiered on Netflix on Friday, March 11th, 2022, almost a year since the third season premiere. 

How many episodes are there in Drive to Survive season 4?

Drive to Survive season four has ten episodes. With intense, nerve-wracking episodes, the season focuses on the controversial race where Max Verstappen defeated Lewis Hamilton in an allegedly manipulated race. 

Is there a Drive to Survive for season 5? 

As of now, there has not been a Netflix official confirmation for the renewal of Drive to Survive season five. Usually, Netflix does not announce season renewals right around the time of the previous season premiere. 

Will there be Drive to Survive season 5? 

Drive to Survive is an extremely popular show. Fans are hopeful for a fifth season given how popular the series has been and how it has positively impacted an increase in interest in Formula One racing.

While Netflix has not confirmed an official Drive to Survive season five, according to various resorts, photographers were seen closet covering the pre-season run-through for the 2022 Barcelona season. This hints at a definitive renewal of the show for a fifth season. 

When will Drive to Survive season 5 release on Netflix? 

Drive to Survive seasons usually cover Formula One World Championships of the respective year. Previously, the first season covered the 2018 race and debuted on March 8th, 2019. The new season usually premieres a year after the race as it takes some time for the production procedure to wrap up. 

The 2019 race was recorded in the second season that premiered on February 28th, 2020. March 19th, 2021 was the date of the premiere for the third season that showed the 2020 championship. 

Drive to Survive season four premiered on March 11th, 2021, and focused on the controversial 2020 championship. 

Given the current timeline, the fifth season should premiere sometime in February or March 2023.