F1 announces new season of Netflix’s Drive to Survive
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F1 announces new season of Netflix’s Drive to Survive

Formula 1’s popular Netflix series Drive to Survive is reportedly coming back for another season, marking its fourth season run in 2022. The chiefs of the Grand Prix racing announced the same in a short tweet on Thursday morning, and fans are going ballistic over the news. 

According to the tweet, the series will be back for its fourth run next year. The documentary series was initially aired on the streamer in 2019 and raised a lot of interest in the young viewership across the American and global markets. It proved to be a successful venture for F1’s Liberty Media due to its booming popularity. 

The series also won a lot of awards, including a Telly Award and a BAFTA TV Craft Award that further added to their prestige. The series has always explored the various storyline of separate teams throughout the season, offering intimate and unique insights into the events, functions and operations of the F1 teams. 

According to Ian Holmes, the director of media rights at F1, the series had helped widen the horizon about the potential of the sport and had aided in unimaginable growth. He spoke of how the series helped them tap a demographic of fans who were out there and communicate with them accordingly. 

He added, “What the Netflix series is showing us is that there is this appetite for content that has no place to be in a [regular] pre-race show. But there is a place for it, and people are genuinely fascinated by it. The other thing that it’s really demonstrated to us is that what interests people the most is the individuals, the personalities, the rock stars, the drivers, or in some cases maybe a few team principals.”

According to Holmes, “It’s that sort of personality-driven programming.”

He showered the teams with praise and said how they deserved “an awful lot of credit for their openness and their agreement to embrace the project and allow cameras and microphones into places they haven’t been allowed before.”

While no official dates have been announced about the streaming of the fourth season, the campaign will reportedly begin in March 2022 in Bahrain. 

See their official tweet below: