‘Money Heist’ shares season finale poster and behind-the-scenes footage
(Credit: Netflix)


'Money Heist' shares season finale poster and behind-the-scenes footage

The Spanish Netflix show Money Heist has been the talk of the town ever since it landed a few years back. The streaming platform is eager to share its season finale and now have the first sneak peek.

Money Heist or, as it is known in Spain, Le Casa de Papel is approaching the end of its run on Netflix. With huge popularity, the streaming platform seems keen to eke out as much as it can from the show and has measured out the fifth season into two volumes.

The second arrives on the 3rd of December and will see the Professor and co. doing what they do best — heists. The streaming platform has been teasing fans about the final instalment for some time and has now shared the poster and some behind-the-scenes footage of the show.

The series used its social media channel to share the season finale’s poster. With the crew standing in a circle holding guns, there’s one notable change from the previous posters: it is missing Tokyo, marking the painful loss of the character. It suggests that Professor and the team have a difficult final moment ahead of them.

The poster also comes with some behind-the-scenes footage shared by the show. It sees The Professor (Alvaro Morte), Helsinki (Darko Peric) and Bogota (Hovik Keuchkerian) talking about the experience of filming such a pivotal show.

“I think this season is loaded with extreme tension,” says Morte as he reflects on Money Heist season five part two.

Watch the video below.