Netflix’s ‘Money Heist: The Experience’ to launch in 5 global cities
(Credit: Netflix)


Netflix’s 'Money Heist: The Experience' to launch in 5 global cities

The greatest heist in history is coming to an end =, but it seems like Netflix is not yet ready to let go of their dear friend. Money Heist Season five shall be released in two halves, with the first half premiering on September 3, 2021, and the second half will stream on December 3, 2021. 

However, it seems like Netflix is set to provide fans of the series and other heist aficionados with an immersive experience and have begun extensive casting sessions to ensure the ensemble is on point. 

Titled Money Heist: The Experience, this is not the first time Netflix ventured into conducting in-person events for a show’s promotion. They have already done so by collaborating with Universal Studios Hollywood to create one for Stranger Things. However, this seems to be taking place on a larger scale and is scheduled to launch in five major cities. 

As of now, the schedule coincides with some of the release dates to hype up the upcoming season. The schedule looks somewhat like this: 

  • Paris (from July to September 2021)
  • London (from November to December 2021)
  • Miami, Florida (from October to November 2021)
  • Mexico City (from November to December 2021)
  • New York City (from December to February 2022)

The event is also said to be taking place in Singapore, Berlin, Madrid, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Milan, Lisboa, Rome etc. 

The experience seems pretty interesting as one would have to participate in a 60-minute adventure heist to help snag the gold while living out real-life instances from the series. Tickets are reportedly set to be priced around $60 or £50, depending on the place of the event. 

As Time Out reports, the entire experience abounds in “astounding visual effects and unexpected plot twists as no two experiences are alike—your interactions with each of the characters determine your fate in this choose-your-own-adventure journey.”

One will finally be able to don the iconic red jumpsuits, the Salvador Dali mask and live their dream of being a part of The Professor’s gang. 

The make-believe crime spree is set to feature for the first time in Miami, where some scenes are being filmed and shall include new characters such as Simone, Reykjavik, Chicago and Shanghai, all of which are still being cast. 

Although the heist is coming to an end this year, this interactive crime spree is set to be one of Netflix’s first-ever marketing attempts to keep the brand going.

There have been umpteen rumours of spin-off series as well, but as of now, only a K-Drama remake of the popular Spanish series set to release in 2022 has been confirmed.