Jason Bateman promises “a happy ending” for ‘Ozark’ finale but with conditions
(Credit: Netflix)

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Jason Bateman promises "a happy ending" for ‘Ozark’ finale but with conditions

Ahead of the release of the final season of the acclaimed Netflix drama Ozark, lead actor Jason Bateman has commented on the events that are yet to unfold in the show. 

Created by Bill Dubuque and Mark Williams, the 2017 Netflix crime drama has delighted fans with its seven slow-burner episodes in the first part of the fourth season, hinting at the downfall of Bateman’s Jason Byrde and his family. The second part of the fourth and final season will bid a bittersweet farewell to the Byrde family escapades in a brutal, chaotic and insanely violent fashion, as promised by the fiery trailer

Bateman appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show to promote the fourth and final season of the show and expressed how he was well aware of the unimaginable pressure on the showrunners to deliver an epic ending. 

The actor opened up about how they had all put their heads together to figure out the ending of Ozark. “Should the Byrde family pay a bill, you know? Like, should they get away with it? Should they not?” he said. 

Bateman has promised, “a happy ending” that might still leave viewers questioning if it is indeed “happy for them [Byrdes].” However, he firmly believes that the ending will satisfy both Byrde family fans and haters. He added, “Hopefully, the audience will think, ‘Ah, they’ve kind of threaded the needle between a happy ending — but they’re limping.’” 

As per showrunner Chris Mundy’s previous comments, the final season will uphold an inevitable Byrde family downfall while documenting their quiet escape. 

Also starring Laura Linney, Julia Garner, SofiaHublitz, Sylar Gaertner, Lisa Emery and others, this Emmy-nominated show has heightened fan anticipation about the epic showdown that will culminate via seven final episodes this season. 

The final volume of Ozark season four will premiere on Netflix on April 29th, 2022.