Five series to watch on Netflix to make you smile
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Five series to watch on Netflix to make you smile

When it comes to the face of modern television, darker themes have emerged more strikingly as genres against more stereotypical happy endings that can be predicted. However, sometimes, that is all that one can wish for. Thankfully, Netflix is full to the brim with series capable of inducing a smile.

It is a moment of a break from complex, where stories find their anticipated resolution. The following five series streaming on Netflix are sure to make you smile and draw attention to the simpler joys in life. 

If you need some silly smiles and are looking for light-hearted series to watch on Netflix, then Best of Netflix has your back! If you are looking for the list of all the series leaving Netflix in March to catch a last glimpse, find the detailed list here.

However, let’s turn our focus back to smiling! Below, we have five series to have you grinning form ear to ear.

Five series to watch on Netflix to make you smile:

5. Never Have I Ever (2020)

The story of a young Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) who lost her father all of a sudden. How does she cope with the loss of her favourite person whilst dealing with the demons of puberty? This incident changed her life and her relationships and definitely changed Devi as a person.

The complicated relationship between Devi and her mother is highlighted. She develops crushes and battles with career choices. This one is a stirrer. What becomes Devi’s happy ending? Catch the show currently streaming on Netflix here.

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4. Queer Eye (2018)

When you are lost in life, all you need is the perfect five from Queer Eye to make changes. When Queer Eye assembles, chaos is set to be placed in order.

Revolutionising one life to the other. Queer Eye is a beautiful initiative where five people, namely food and wine specialist Antoni Porowski, interior designer Bobby Berk, grooming consultant Jonathan Van Ness, fashion designer Tan France and culture expert called Karamo Brown, make massive lifestyle changes to every life they touch. 

Catch the show currently streaming on Netflix here.

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3. Little Things (2016)

Little Things is the adorable story of a contemporary couple. How the meaning of love has changed and evolved through the years, and the beauty truly lies in the Little Things. Dhruv and Kavya are cohabitating and deeply fond of each other. However, things get complicated when their professional lives intertwine with their personal choices.

How do they cope and navigate through the chaos of hustle and the way it has affected their relationship? Catch the show currently streaming on Netflix here.

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2. From Scratch (2022)

From Scratch is a simple story of love and loss. Based on a New York Times best-selling memoir by Tembi Locke, the story revolves around protagonist Amy Wheeler (Zoey Saldana), who travels to Italy to pursue her dream in arts. However, she happens to find herself helplessly falling in love with a Sicilian chef called Lino.

The couple attempt to tackle their cultural differences whilst being madly in love. However, things take a darker turn when Lino is diagnosed with cancer. How does Amy deal with finding love and the fear of losing it? How does the fear of loss bring lives and families together? Find out more! Catch the show currently streaming on Netflix here.

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1. Jane The Virgin (2014)

Jane The Virgin is the American adaptation of the telenovela Juana La Virgen. The show proudly calls itself a telenovela as it has managed to maintain a similar format to its mother show. The story of a young Christian and virgin, Jane, who gets artificially inseminated with a hot shot and multimillionaire Rafael Solano’s sperm. All while she was getting closer to marrying who she thought was the love of her life, Michael. With a baby in the mix, things get really complicated in Miami as Jane realises that her baby daddy is also the owner of the hotel she works at.

Filled with drama, love, mysteries, crime, and a jampacked non-stop giving blast of feelings. This show is sure to take you on a whole ride. Catch the show currently streaming on Netflix here!

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