The heartbreaking true story behind Netflix’s new show ‘From Scratch’
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The heartbreaking true story behind Netflix's new show 'From Scratch'

Netflix’s new programme, Scratch, is based on the life of Tembi Locke and her memoirs, From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home.

The series has been created by Tembi alongside her sister, Attica. It tells the story of how she studied art history abroad and met the love of her life, Saro. They crossed paths on the streets of Florence in Italy and immediately fell in love.

In a new interview via Forbes, Tembi recalled: “The first time I saw Saro, what I immediately felt was, well, let me clarify, I was just 20 years old, and I was like, ‘He’s cute.’ It was pretty superficial, to be honest. But I did recognize this level of honesty and openness in him that I wasn’t ready for at the time. But he pursued me.”

She added: “It became evident quickly that he was the kind of quality person I hadn’t seen before. He introduced me to this type of love and taught me the possibility of the type of love that could be. It was a love I describe as funny, open, reciprocal, respectful and visionary.”

At first, his traditional Sicilian family were reluctant to accept his decision to marry a Black American woman, but Tembi soon became part of the furniture, and they treated her as one of their own.

The couple moved to Los Angeles after their wedding; however, their perfect world soon came crashing down. Saro was diagnosed with cancer, which took his life, but before he passed, they adopted their daughter, Zoela, and lived in his tiny Sicilian town.

“I just knew I had to write it,” Tembi recently said. “The stakes were very high emotionally. I felt I’d suffer another grief if I didn’t write down what I’d experienced. The memoir also serves as a blueprint for my daughter, for the kind of love I hope she finds someday.”

Watch the trailer for From Scratch below.