Five Netflix shows all ‘Emily in Paris’ fans will enjoy
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Five Netflix shows all ‘Emily in Paris’ fans will enjoy

Starring Lily Collins, Lucas Bravo, William Abadie, Ashley Park and Camille Razat in lead roles, Darren Star’s Emmy-nominated Netflix show Emily in Paris recently shared a first look at the third season and has taken over the world by storm yet again. 

It saw the naive and innocent Emily, totally clueless and oblivious to French culture, saunter into the Seine-adorned city of Paris and fall in love numerous times. All while trying to balance her career, lack of linguistic skills and more, she often finds herself in hilarious, chaotic, and disastrous situations.

While some fans of the show absolutely adored Emily’s ditzy nature, others were critical of the stereotypes that were being continuously reinforced by the sappy series. 

Despite her devastating wordplays and fumbles, we loved her glamorous life, strolls by the river, vineyard visits, debauchery with rare steaks and croissants, and loud fashion choices. In addition, Lucas Bravo was an absolute delight! 

Here are five other Netflix shows for Emily in Paris aficionados to enjoy once they are done bingeing on their favourite series: 

Five Netflix shows all ‘Emily in Paris’ fans will enjoy 

Gilmore Girls (Amy Sherman-Palladino, 2000)

With an emphasis on family, relationships and love, the show deals with a thirty-year-old mother named Lorelai and the challenges she faces while raising her intelligent teen daughter Rory. living in a small town, their lives are in constant motion with various romantic pursuits, crazy friends and wild neighbours. 

With umpteen references to pop culture, the show has a witty set of dialogues that will resonate with all. The charming way in which they explore the mother-daughter relationship adds a hint of sentimentality to the dramedy. Romance, friendships and melodramatic moments form the crux of the series that will appeal to Emily in Paris fans. 

Dash & Lily (Joe Tracz, 2020)

Based on David Levithan and Rachel Cohn’s book, this rom-com series focuses on the budding love between a Christmas-hating, cynical Dash and a merry and optimistic, Christmas-loving Lily, who hides a red notebook across various locations in New York City. The notebook contains messages and dares.

Although the show was axed after just one season, it was a refreshing break from the usual melodramatic sitcoms. The sappy romance, starring Austin Abrams and Midori Francis in the leads, is reminiscent of the complex romantic angles in Emily in Paris besides the varied visual delights it provides.  

Never Have I Ever (Lang Fisher, Mindy Kaling, 2019) 

This young-adult coming-of-age comedy focuses on a young Indian American girl, Devi, and her journey through high school. We follow Devi as she navigates herself through grades, friendships, jealousy, aspirations, young love and subsequent love triangles while grappling with the tragic demise of her father and the constant bickering with her mother. 

Led by Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, who plays the role of Devi with unimaginable spunk and ease, the show has gained a vast fan following due to its relatable content as a young Devi voices her concern about her lack of social skills and more. It is hilarious and abounds in Kaling-like humour, perfectly portraying the generation gap between Devi and her immigrant mother, who tries to instil certain Indian values in her. Devi, the klutzy and ditzy protagonist, reminds us of Emily in more ways than one, making Never Have I Ever a perfect binge for fans. 

Firefly Lane (Maggie Friedman, 2021)

Based on Kristin Hannah’s novel, young girls Tully and Kate become extremely attached to each and the upheavals in the friendships are documented for over thirty years during their life in Firefly Lane. A depiction of a beautiful and platonic relationship between two females is what makes the series so enjoyable. 

With Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke in the lead, the duo has heartwarming chemistry on screen as they support and uplift each other through various problems, most notably Kate’s divorce. Just like Emily in Paris, women’s friendships, romance and entertainment form a central theme of the series that adds to its endearing charm and likeability factor. 

Girlboss (Kay Cannon, 2017)

Based on Sophia Amoruso’s book, the series follows the meteoric rise of Amoruso’s fashion empire, Nasty Gal. Starring Britt Robertson in the lead as a rebellious businesswoman who starts her own fashion empire online, the protagonist is faced with several obstacles and hurdles that she gradually overcomes to take control of her own life and become the titular girlboss. 

Both Girlboss and Emily in Paris are steeped in high profile fashion content that will appeal to fashion aficionados. With plenty of vintage clothing, bold fashion statement and the overall ambitious and career-driven arc, this series, which also stars Charlize Theron, sees an equally personable and inspiring protagonist with an enviable personality and attitude that will resonate with fans of Emily.