The five best animated shows to watch on Netflix now
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The five best animated shows to watch on Netflix now

Animation is creating an illusion through the sequential placement of similar pictures. One of the oldest art forms out there, if you consider it for a moment, everything we see is animation, everything we perceive is lots of frames placed next to each other. Motion is created in frames per second, so what is an adult animated show?

The journey of contemporary animation began around the 1980s or so with feature films. The first ever CGI-produced 3D animated feature film was Toy Story in 1995, and the train never stopped. Since that moment, we have been blessed with a few of the best adult animation films in over a century, including Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and many more. 

Now, when we speak about audiovisual art forms, animation opens up a whole new world of possibilities. We can choose any set, any characters, and any emotions to express using it. 

The genre does not only offer educational and entertaining content for children anymore. Recently, there has been a rise in adult animation series, which compete with live-action series on equal ground. It’s a whole new world beyond Spongebob Squarepants and Courage the Cowardly Dog from our childhood. These new shows are specifically catered to the needs of an adult audience. Viewers feel unnaturally drawn to these shows for their killer plots and the deep-rooted societal satires present under the layers of colourful characters. 

Need a break from The Simpsons and Family Guy? Why wait? So without further delay, let us hop on the train on a journey through the five best adult animation series currently streaming on Netflix. There is no missing out when it comes to these. 

The five best animated shows to watch on Netflix now:

5. Castlevania 

A mash of classic stories of vampires and unworldly creatures. Castlevania is the story of Dracula himself. This anime gives us a sterling act of dark medieval fantasy based on a popular video game. The story follows Trevor Belmont submerged in attempts to save Eastern Europe from the hands of Vlad Dracula Tepes.

The plot gives us a lot to think about in what is an iconic clash between what is human and what isn’t. The alleged 800-year-old is on a mission to fight humans to the point of extinction. Wondering why? Find out what made Dracula the monster that he has become. What is his back story? The visuals will surely blow your mind away. 

Check out Castlevania on Netflix here. Watch the trailer, below.

4. Love Death + Robots 

If we try to find positives for the show, let’s just say that the list will be never-ending. The show follows uncanny worlds, with each episode narrating a different story. And as the name of the series suggests, it is about love, death, or robots. This adult animated anthology is almost a satire against the whole of humanity itself. They are often challenging the very being of our thought processes.

Tim Miller and David Fincher birthed a genius show. It is nothing less than an audiovisual masterpiece, making us feel like each episode is a movie in itself. Viewers have described these sci-fi-themed episodes to be creepy and dark. But isn’t everything a little sci-fi and dark? If you have not watched it yet, you are truly missing out on what we call a one-of-a-kind series in our day and time. Special mention to ‘Jibaro’- Season 3, episode 9. Hop on this darkest of the dark part of reality aided with animation. It is imperative not to miss out! 

Check out the show on Netflix here. Watch the trailer for the newest season now! 

3. Bojack Horseman 

Quirky, dark, colourful, and colossal. Did we ever think of describing content using all of those four words? Bojack Horseman is an American adult animation following the dark comedy-drama genre. The series is created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg and stars Will Arnett (Bojack), Aaron Paul (Todd Chavez), Alison Brie (Diane Nguyen) and many others. Although the show ended in 2020, one could speak volumes of everything it highlighted so implicitly under childish animated characters. The show covers themes such as pressures of being a celebrity, child actors, lessons for love and life, addiction, self-harm, and, most importantly, depression. 

From the iconic theme song to the way the show ends, you simply cannot let this one go. The narrative follows the life of once famous protagonist Bojack Horseman from ‘Horsin Around’ in the late 1980s, who struggles with his fading fame. He battles depression and addiction and continues to fail his commitments to friends and family. He keeps trying but can’t seem to stop hurting. It shows us the context of being selfish and how his past made him who he is. If you have not watched this marvel yet, get involved.

Check out the show on Netflix here. Watch the trailer now! 

2. Rick and Morty 

Do I need to say more? Rick and Morty are the Daenerys and Jon Snow of animation. Even if you have not watched Games of Thrones yet, you know Jon Snow will die, come back, and end up with the dragon queen. Similarly, even if you somehow have managed to dodge this hype train, you know they are the coolest grandfather and grandson sci-fi duo out there. In their words, “kickin’ ass” around multi-universes. Similar to Bojack, the show follows a dark satirical path to capture the life of Rick, an alcoholic and troubled genius with sociopathic tendencies. 

Rick lives with his daughter Beth and her family and continues to invent in their garage. The show follows his misadventures with his rather not-so-smart grandson, Morty, on absurd and insane intergalactic pathways. Season 6 is currently getting released, maybe this downtime dark comedy is what you have been looking for if you have made it so far into the list! 

Check out the show on Netflix here. Watch the trailer now! 

1. Midnight Gospel 

The limited series was released in 2020 and has continued to be one of the most mind-numbing shows of the decade and more. The plot follows a space caster who travels psychedelic realities in his universe simulator. While exploring each place, he interviews one person amidst the chaos of visuals for his podcast.

During these interviews, he asks existential questions about life, death, beyond, and everything. I believe a better creation has not been made than the final episode of the series, where he ends up interviewing his mom, who once was. Do not miss out on this breathtaking creation by Duncan Trussell and Pendleton Ward with a gorgeous script. It is truly transcendental. 

Check out the show on Netflix here. Watch the trailer now!