Finn Wolfhard: There was ‘rivalry’ on the ‘Stranger Things’ sets
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Finn Wolfhard: There was 'rivalry' on the 'Stranger Things' sets

From Finn Wolfhard, Sadie Sink and David Harbour to Shawn Levy, the cast and crew for Netflix’s Stranger Things season 4 have been continuously teasing fans with a sneak peek into the fourth season. Producer Shawn Levy even stepped the game up by saying that the fourth season would be “super worth the wait”

After the long and arduous wait for the much-anticipated next instalment, the arrival of which was delayed for an unprecedented amount of time due to the pandemic, Stranger Things is finally set to arrive sometime in 2022. 

However, ahead of the release of the season that is, according to Wolfhard, “messed up, he also revealed a few unknown secrets from the early days of Stranger Things

Created by the twin Duffer brothers, Matt and Ross, Stranger Things went on to undoubtedly become one of Netflix’s most popular shows, one that attained meteoric success revolving around the classic theme of child endangerment situated in a fictitious Indiana town of Hawkins. 

The wide range of characters includes brave kids riding bikes to locate their missing friend before encountering and befriending a young girl with telekinetic abilities. These children, as well as the helpless adults, encounter various dangerous species who are involved in inter-dimensional travel while battling the corrupt bureaucracy and other pervading threats. A dream concoction of children’s imagination, the series focuses on how the goofballs manage to stay float amidst hostilities, brimming with fun and quirks. 

Starring Millie Bobby Brown, Finn Wolfhard, Caleb McLaughlin and Gaten Matarazzo in lead roles, the show had an extensive range of characters. Since friendship is a common theme in the show, the cast members did a brilliant job of bringing out the on-screen chemistry due to their wonderful understanding off-screen. 

However, according to Wolfhard, it was not always a bed of roses. There had been some friction, rivalries and tension on sets previously while shooting season one. Wolfhard shared, “When you start a show that young, there’s drama and there’s rivalries because it’s like school. And then you become older, and you stop caring.” 

Given how young they were, with Brown being 12 while the rest of the guys, Wolfhard, McLaughlin and Matarazzo being 14, tension was bound to arise. However, Finn revealed that they got along well pretty quickly and became great friends that helped improve their chemistry on the show. 

“I think it’s actually such an incredible thing to come back to each other and be like, ‘Wow, I really understand you. We’re all going through this thing together. I love you,’” he said. 

It has been endearing to watch the cast grow up alongside their characters and bring a new dimension of maturity and relatability to each of their parts.

Watch the latest teaser trailer for Stranger Things season four below: