Exploring the filming locations of ‘The Gentlemen’
(Credits: Netflix)


Exploring the filming locations of ‘The Gentlemen’

Starring Theo James as Edward ‘Eddie’ Horniman and Kaya Scodelario as Susie Glass, Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen delves into the glamorous underworld of Britain’s criminal landscape. Against the backdrop of aristocratic estates and gritty urban locales, the story unfolds in a world familiar to those who watched the 2019 film. Of course, this being a spin-off, the adventures are wholly different but flavoured with that distinct Guy Ritchie charm.

The story revolves around Eddie Horniman, who unexpectedly inherits a vast estate and the title of Duke of Halstead. Unknown to him, the land is part of a sprawling cannabis empire operated by Susie, thrusting Eddie into a world of danger and intrigue. As he navigates eccentric characters and strange situations, Eddie must protect his newfound inheritance while also trying to survive.

Netflix is already keen on a second season, but getting the cast and Ritchie on board again is going to be a task. Giancarlo Esposito, who plays the wine-loving American billionaire Stanley Johnston, admitted that “nothing was ever discussed of a second season” when the cast signed their contracts.

In addition to James, Esposito, and Scodelario, the ensemble cast features notable names such as Daniel Ings, and Joely Richardson. But what has made the series even more mesmerising is the pomp and style, from the costumes to the filming locations. While some have been frantically ‘pinning’ the “Theo James aesthetic” and “tweed jacket outfit” on Pinterest, some have been ogling at the architecture.

Here are five of the real-life locations where Guy Ritchie’s The Gentlemen series is shot at:


The bustling streets of London provide the backdrop for the urban scenes in The Gentlemen. From iconic landmarks to gritty alleyways, the capital city serves as a dynamic backdrop.

The Badminton Estate, Gloucestershire

The exterior shots of Halstead Manor, the fictional home of the Horniman family, were filmed at The Badminton Estate. Situated in the picturesque Gloucestershire countryside, this estate, known for its grandeur and historical significance, lends a majestic backdrop to the series. Bridgerton fans may have felt a strange bout of déjà vu if they watched The Gentlemen because some parts of the Regency romance are also shot at this location, as per CNTraveller.

Stoke Court, Buckinghamshire

Stoke Court in Buckinghamshire provides the interiors for certain scenes in The Gentlemen. From the study to the drawing room, this historic location brings its own timeless charm to the show. And yes, that chicken costume scene is also shot right here.

Wrotham Park, Hertfordshire

Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire serves as the lavish residence of drug lord Stanley Johnson. The grandeur of this neo-Palladian estate is the fictional Bridgewater House.

Loseley Park, Surrey

Loseley Park in Surrey serves as another backdrop for the series, providing both exterior and interior scenes. The grounds of this lived-in piece of history are the woodlands you see around Halstead Manor.

You can watch The Gentlemen on Netflix. But if you have already done that, you can tune into any of the other Guy Ritchie films available to stream on the platform.