Where is ‘The Gentlemen’ house Halstead Manor?
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Where is 'The Gentlemen' house Halstead Manor?

Guy Ritchie’s Netflix adaption of his 2019 film The Gentlemen has been making a splash since it came to the streaming site on March 7th.

The series tells the story of Theo James’ Eddie Horniman, a former UN Peacekeeper who unexpectedly inherits his father’s sprawling country estate and place in the aristocracy. However, things are not as they seem, as he discovers that the property is being used as the centre of a weed-growing empire headed by gangster Bobby Glass, played by Ray Winstone. On top of it all, his brother, Freddy (Daniel Ings), owes a different crime family £8million. 

What ensues could be described as a significant headache for Horniman as he tries to protect his family and their opulent country home, Halstead Manor, which becomes the base for his operations. With it such a central part of the series and so old-world beautiful, fans have been wondering where exactly it was filmed.

Where is Halstead House?

The Gentlemen was filmed across London and at British stately homes, including Badminton House in Gloucestershire, Loseley Park in Guildford and Stoke Court near Slough. “The locations are like characters in the show and when it comes to capturing the essence of aristocracy, they do a lot of the work for you,” star Ings told Country and Town House.

“We were shooting in Oxfordshire, for example, at this house that’s meant to be the home of Lord Whitecroft, who has also leased his land to the gangsters, and it’s a crumbling castle with a moat around it. We filmed a lot at Badminton, too, for the Halstead Manor scenes, and when you’re in those vast halls with their antiques and their huge 15ft oil paintings, you can’t help but get a sense of all the privilege and the history and the beauty.”

Halstead Manor was filmed at Badminton House, and it was chosen because it’s a lived-in house rather than a museum. This helped to bring it to life for the show, with walking sticks and shotgun rounds left by the door, giving it a tangible essence of the aristocracy, alongside the cracks in the walls, oil paintings, history and general majesty.

Watch the trailer for The Gentlemen below.