Everything we know about the Rebel Wilson film ‘Senior Year’
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Everything we know about the Rebel Wilson film 'Senior Year'

Last year, a picture from the sets of the upcoming Rebel Wilson Netflix film Senior Year took the world by storm when fans could not stop gushing over Wilson channelling her inner Britney Spears with a sparkly green outfit.

The actress even paid tribute to Spears via Instagram, posting a picture of herself as the 37-year-old Ruby who desperately wants to regain the glory of her high school days as a cheerleader after waking up from a coma.

Directed by Alex Hardcastle, known for Love, Simon and Grace and Frankie, the film is produced by Wilson, alongside others like Jake Wagner, Jake Wener and Jeremy Stein. While the film was not supposed to be a Netflix Original, the studio acquired the rights to it, seeing it as a promising 2022 release. 

Ahead of its release, here is everything we know about the upcoming Rebel Wilson film on Netflix, Senior Year

Everything we know about the Rebel Wilson film ‘Senior Year’ 

When will the Rebel Wilson film Senior Year release on Netflix?

Netflix has recently released the trailer for Rebel Wilson’s Senior Year which is slated to release on Saturday, May 14th, 2022. 

What is the plot of the Rebel Wilson film Senior Year?

The plot of the upcoming Rebel Wilson film, Senior Year is pretty juvenile but funny and might remind one of 13 Going On 30

It revolves around a high school cheerleader named Ruby who basks in her growing popularity. However, a cheer accident sends her into a two-decade-long coma after which she wakes up and finds herself in an entirely different generation. Determined to win the prom queen title and regain her status in school, Ruby goes back to high school as a 37-year-old woman. 

However, times have changed and in the world of social media, popularity holds a very different meaning. Thus ensues a series of mishaps and hilarious events as Ruby tries to grapple with the reality and journeys towards self-discovery and acceptance. 

Who has been cast on the Rebel Wilson film Senior Year?

Rebel Wilson stars as the lead protagonist in Senior Year. Known for her incredible comic timing and prolific acting skills, Wilson was seen in films like Jojo Rabbit and Pitch Perfect.

Wilson will be returning to the screen after her break year in 2020 when she lost nearly 60 pounds due to fertility issues, saying how she was “thinking of a future mini-me” while focusing on getting in shape.

As Ruby, Wilson has shared a few intriguing photos on her Instagram, one of which shows her off in a glittery Britney Spears-like outfit. 

Although Wilson was seen in the film Isn’t It Romantic, Senior Year will mark Wilson’s first-ever lead role in a global Netflix Original release. 

Wilson will be joined by a massive ensemble cast, namely Mary Holland, Alicia Silverstone, Sam Richardson, Zoe Chao, Chris Parnell, Jeremy Ray Taylor, Molly Brown, Justin Hartley, Angourie Rice, Brandon Scott Jones, Michael Cimino, Joshua Colley, Lucy Taylor, Tyler Barnhardt, Avantika etc. 

Where was the Rebel Wilson film Senior Year shot?

Rebel Wilson’s Senior Year was shot in Atlanta, Georgia from May 25th, 2021 to July 6th, 2021. After taking a break for a couple of days, the crew resumed shooting from July 8th, 2021 to September 4th, 2021.