Take a look at Rebel Wilson in her upcoming Netflix film
(Credit: Press / Darcy Hemley)

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Take a look at Rebel Wilson in her upcoming Netflix film

Rebel Wilson has recently shared the first-look photos of her avatar in the upcoming Netflix comedy film Senior Year that is slated to premiere on the streamer soon. 

The Cats actress stars as a woman who suffers a painful cheerleading accident in high school. She wakes up two decades later and decides to go back to high school and make up for the lost time by winning the prom queen title she feels she deserved. 

Chaos ensues as the woman denies adulthood and decides to live in the glory of the past. Taking to Instagram, Wilson gave a glimpse into her character. With butterfly clips in her hair, sporting a sparkly green top, she is seen driving a red car, shooting a judgemental stare. 

The picture is followed by a short boomerang video that shows her in an all-green cheerleader outfit with a massive green bow adorning her ponytail. She captions it with, “Got my butterfly clips and glitter, and I’m ready to head back to 2002!”

Directed by Parks and Recreation creator, Alex Hardcastle, the film will feature a huge ensemble cast, namely Angourie Rice from Spider-Man, Justin Hartley from This is Us, Rick and Morty’s Chriss Parnell, Sam Richardson from Veep, Mary Holland from Hoops and Living with Yourself’s Zoe Chao. 

Wilson is known for comedies and will most likely bring in truckloads of comedic energy. She was seen in various TV shows and films, including Pitch Perfect, which has been renewed for a TV series. 

While Wilson is still not said to be a part of the cast, she will also be seen in an upcoming British indie film by Celyn Jones and Tom Stern, titled The Almond and the Seahorse, that is reportedly based on Kaite O’Reilly’s eponymous 2008 stage play. 

Senior Year will have its exclusive Netflix premiere on May 13th, 2022.