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Everything we know about the Netflix anime series ‘Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas’

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is the anime prequel to Zack Snyder’s popular zombie Netflix Original which went on to be Netflix’s most popular film of the year and one of the streamer’s most high-profile acquisitions to date.

After Netflix introduced an animated prequel film to The Witcher series, titled Nightmare of the Wolf, it seems like prequel animes are currently in trend. The upcoming horror anime series has been developed by Jay Olivia. Based within Snyder’s Army of the Dead cinematic universe, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is one of the two projects which are currently in development.

Snyder is directing only two of six episodes while Olivia will direct the rest, serving as writer, showrunner and executive producer. Snyder is currently developing five projects with Netflix.

Here is everything we know about the upcoming anime series, Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas:

Everything we know about the Netflix anime series ‘Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas’

Who is working on Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas?

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is being helmed by a popular Montreal-based animation studio called Meduzarts who are responsible for working on several video game projects, including Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and DC’s Injustice.

The animation studio is using the Unreal engine to produce the animated version in real-time, marking “the entertainment group’s third series produced in real-time.”

Various animators on this project include Paul Griffin, Eugene Vasylenko, Collin Grant, Kalvin Lee and Anthony Winn. Take a look at some of the studio’s previous works here:

What is Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas about?

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is an anime prequel to Snyder’s Army of the Dead which became one of the biggest releases on Netflix.

The show will be based in a pre-zombified, dystopian Las Vegas and feature the early days of the zombie invasion of the city.

The episodes will revolve around Scott Ward and his ragtag team of mercenaries who are sent to the Sunset Strip to rescue civilians who are struggling to be alive during the first phase of the mysterious and deadly zombie outbreak in Sin City.

Who are the cast members of Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas?

This upcoming anime prequel has an exciting ensemble cast that will provide voice-overs for the various characters in the series. Actors like Joe Manganiello from Magic Mike, Vanessa Hudgens from High School Musical, Yetide Badaki from American Gods and Mr Robot‘s Christian Slater, have joined the cast for Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas.

Other cast members include well-known voice actor Nolan North from Uncharted, Ross Butler from 13 Reasons Why, The Blacklist star Harry Lennix, Anya Chalotra from The Witcher, Jena Malone from The Hunger Games and Man of Steel actress Christina Wren.

Five cast members from the Army of the Dead film will be reprising their roles in the anime. Dave Bautista is one of the returning cast members and he will be joined by Tig Notaro, Ella Purnell, Omari Hardwick and Ana De La Reguera.

All the cast members have been assigned the following roles:

  • Ella Purnell as Kate Ward
  • Dave Bautista as Scott Ward
  • Anya Chalotra as Lycilia
  • Christian Slater as Torrance
  • Ana De La Reguera as Cruz
  • Jena Malone as Zeta
  • Vanessa Hudgens as Willow
  • Ross Butler as Chen
  • Nolan North as Clemenson
  • Christina Wren as Nicole
  • Tig Notaro as Marianne Peters
  • Omari Hardwick as Vanderohe
  • Monica Barbaro as Meagan
  • Harry Lenix as Boorman
  • Yetide Badaki as Queen Meeru
  • Joe Manganiello as Rose

How many episodes will Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas have?

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is confirmed to have six episodes.

When will Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas release on Netflix?

The release date for Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas is still not known. While the show was originally expected to land in 2022, it is not a part of Netflix’s slate of scheduled releases.

According to Snyder Netflix Updates on Twitter, Zack Snyder’s Instagram story said that “this wild series will have to wait till…” which could indicate a 2023 release.