Could ‘Manifest’ be making its way to Netflix?
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Could 'Manifest' be making its way to Netflix?

At the start of 2021, NBC’s Manifest was dramatically cancelled after three seasons. The finale of the previous series left fans of the show high and dry with an unresolved cliffhanger. However, now it has emerged, Netflix might be renewing the hit show for a fourth season.

Manifest is a gripping drama about the passengers onboard the Montego Air Flight 828, an aircraft that was missing for nearly five years. With fans left in the lurch about the upcoming series, Netflix and Warner Bros. TV are locked in talks for reviving the hit show. 

The Jeff Rake created show garnered quite the fan following who were disappointed after the initial cancellation. In wake of the news, Rake thanked the fans for their unyielding support that led to the show being renewed yet again. 

He said, “You became the Manifesters at Comic-Con 2018. Ever since, you’ve watched religiously, parsed every word, cried a lot, laughed a little, puzzle-solved, and never, ever, wavered in your support. I’ll never forget it.”

Fans will also be excited to know that Rake even hinted at the possibility of a film or a book to pick up from the cliffhanger of season three. In June, he said, “I would love to finish the story and look, I’m going to take some time. I’m going to hold out hope that maybe somebody will step up and help us finish that story.”

He further stated that he would have to “think” about “whether that means more episodes, whether that means a final kind of movie like they did with the show Firefly”. Furthermore, he said that writing a book would be “a cool concept”.