Netflix looking into renewing ‘Manifest’ for a fourth series
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Netflix looking into renewing ‘Manifest’ for a fourth series

As Netflix sees viewership continuing to surge during season one and season two of the cancelled NBC show Manifest, it looks as though the streaming service may intervene and commission a new series for the show. 

Following a commercial airliner that suddenly reappears after being missing for five years, only for the survivors to experience mysterious guiding voices in their heads, Manifest began in 2018 with its third and final series having aired in June 2021. Passionate fans of the show, nicknamed “manifesters”, have since inundated show creator Jeff Rake on social media with everything from praise to ideas about how to move a potential fourth series forward. 

One month later and it looks as though this decision could be already be reconsidered, with NBC is in conversations with Manifest studio Warner Bros TV about a potential renewal. Netflix has also weighed in, resuming talks with Warner Bros about a fourth season on their streaming service. 

The outcry from manifesters and their #SaveManifest fan campaign has helped to drum up support for the shows fourth series, with Manifest remaining in Netflix’s daily top ten for over a month, making it a property impossible to ignore. There are certainly obstacles in Netflix’s way, most notably the company wanting global rights for the show, in line with all of Netflix’s original properties. 

Manifest has simply become too much of a hit for Netflix not to pursue, and with the company having worked with Warner Brothers in the past to secure global distribution rights for Lucifer, there is a clear path for both companies to reach an agreement. The shows creator has also helped to drum up significant support online, engaging in live-tweeting sessions discussing ‘the case for Manifests renewal’, “The case of renewal builds,” whilst telling fans to “keep the faith” and that “you are being heard”. 

We’ll keep you updated with all major developments on a potential fourth series.