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Chris Hemsworth Netflix film ‘Spiderhead’: Everything we know

Chris Hemsworth is a well-known figure among the Netflix audience as he won hearts with his brilliant acting skills and incredible stunts in the Netflix Original film Extraction. As Tyler Rake, the suave Thor actor won millions of hearts worldwide due to his unending swagger and ability to capture the audience’s attention while battling immeasurable violence on-screen. 

While he is currently working on its sequel which is in production, the actor will soon be seen in the upcoming Netflix sci-fi original, Escape From Spiderhead.

Directed by Joseph Kosinski, the film is based on George Saunders’ eponymous short story. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick serve as screenwriters who adapted the short story into a film script. 

Ahead of the film’s release in June as a part of Netflix’s summer slate, here’s everything we know about the Chris Hemsworth film Escape From Spiderhead

Everything we know about the Chris Hemsworth Netflix film ‘Spiderhead’

What is the release date for Escape from Spiderhead?

Escape From Spiderhead was scheduled to release in 2022 according to Netflix’s 2022 line-up trailer. It has now been announced to be a part of Netflix’s summer slate and will premiere on June 18th, 2022.  

What is the plot for Escape from Spiderhead?

Two convicts decide to snag the opportunity of reducing their respective prison sentences by volunteering as medical subjects on whom a radical new drug is tested. This drug has the potential ability to alter one’s emotions and feelings. One of the convicts faces a huge change in their ability to love and begins questioning their own feelings, debating whether his emotions are real or just a drug-induced haze. 

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Who are the cast members in Escape from Spiderhead?

The film stars MCU alum, Chris Hemsworth, in the lead and marks his second Netflix Original film Hemsworth left quite the mark on the minds of the Netflix audience with his action film Extraction and is currently working on its grittier sequel.

Extraction became the most-watched Netflix Original of all time with a staggering 99 million streams in the first month of its premiere, raising expectations for his upcoming film. 

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The Thor actor will be joined by Jurnee Smollett from Birds of Prey, Miles Teller from Fantastic Four, Rachel Forsyth from Thor: Ragnarok, Sam Delich from The Marshes, Joey Viera from Dora and the Lost City of Gold, Tess Baubrich from The Wolverine, Jane Larkin from Sodium Squad, Ashleigh Lawrence from Convention of the Dead, Jariah Travan from The End and Mark Paguio from Bump

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Where was Escape from Spiderhead filmed?

Escape From Spiderhead was filmed on the Gold Coast, Queensland and Australia from November 2020.   

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