Watch exclusive video from the Chris Hemsworth film ‘Extraction 2’
(Credit: Netflix)

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Watch exclusive video from the Chris Hemsworth film 'Extraction 2'

The upcoming Chris Hemsworth Netflix film Extraction 2 is a highly-awaited sequel to the 2020 release Extraction, which was a massive hit on the streaming service. A snippet from the film was released as a part of the 2022 line-up trailer for upcoming titles on Netflix. 

Helmed by Sam Hargrave, the film will see the Russo Brothers serve as executive producers yet again. 

Hemsworth, better known for his role as the hammer-wielding ripped sky god, Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will make a suave return as Tyler Rake yet again, to display his swagger in this high-strung action film. 

The sequel will see Rake embark on his next mission after recuperating from the wounds of the terrifying Dhaka operation. He is entrusted with the task of saving a family held captive by a Georgian gangster. 

Rake’s dangerous odyssey will require him to enter an impenetrable prison to save them. However, a mishap will lead the gangster’s more vile and ruthless brother to seek vengeance against Rake and his team. 

Aware of how excited the fans are to see him perform slick stunts, Hemsworth took to Instagram to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes video from the sets of the film that involves actual fire. 

The actor shows nonchalance and sports a smile while talking to the camera. In the background, several people on fire are seen fighting while the actor looks over at them, somewhat unbothered. 

In the video, Hemsworth says, “Just another quiet day on Extraction 2. Peaceful, serene, relaxing.”