7 best kid-friendly cartoons on Netflix
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7 best kid-friendly cartoons on Netflix

Netflix has a wide range of content for adults, including cartoons that have appealed to the adult sensibility due to their dark and sardonic comedic value. Parents often struggle to find something family-friendly to watch on Netflix owing to the burgeoning PG-13 content on the streamer. 

However, Netflix is determined to produce kid-friendly content so that the little munchkins do not miss out on all the fun. Cartoons have always been an integral part of childhood. Besides providing an immersive experience and often an escape from reality, they are often educational and impart knowledge on a variety of factors since the audio-visual medium is the most effective. 

We at Best of Netflix have compiled a list of kid-friendly cartoons on Netflix that is a fun, educational experience for children of almost all ages:  

7 best cartoons on Netflix that are kid-friendly

7. I Heart Arlo (Ryan Crego, 2021)

Arlo and his friends live in the modern neighbourhood of New York that is quite boring. They decide to restore their fun and frolic in the neighbourhood and make it an interesting place to live in. 

Filled with goofs, fun and laughter, the show describes the beauty of friendships and innocence in an urban jungle. With lots of catchy songs and colourful animation, the episodes have unique stand-alone stories that form one big story when connected together. 

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6. Johnny Test (Scott Fellows, Chris Savino, 2005)

 Bringing back the nostalgia of the 90s, the cartoon sees a witty 11-year-old Johnny be the experimental lab rat for his two sisters who dabble in scientific experiments along with the genetically-enhanced family dog, Dukey. Gaining superpowers, albeit, with reluctance, Arlo fights evil and saves the world from disasters and chaos. 

Johnny and his sisters have a funny relationship where they often bicker. The premise of the show is enhanced with the inclusion of scientific experiments. It is a wonderful combination of various elements from popular 90s Cartoon Network shows like Johnny Bravo, The Powerpuff Girls and Dexter’s Laboratory that makes it seem so very interesting. 

Available: All regions

5. A Tale Dark & Grimm (Doug Langdale, Simon Otto, 2021)

Based on Adam Gidwitz’s books, the series follows the journey of Hansel and Gretel on their quest to find better parents that will not endanger their lives. They move through the classic Grimm’s fairy tales, encountering various menacing supernatural creatures while trying to carve out their own destiny and change their fate. 

With a diverse set of characters, the series is definitely quite helpful in helping children identify with various communities. For a children’s show, it surely does have its own share of dark, twisted humour and scary elements. While some of the scenes might seem quite bizarre, the creators surely did not hold back from bringing forth the stranger realities of life, including beheading one’s children! 

Available: All regions

4. Maya and the Three (Joshua R. Gutierrez, 2021)

The miniseries revolves around the tale of Maya, a rebellious and free-spirited warrior princess, who is on the verge of celebrating her fifteenth birthday and coronation when all plans get disrupted due to a shocking revelation from the gods of the underworld. 

Maya must embark on a daunting quest of finding three great warriors, paying heed to the prophecy, who can help her in defeating the god’s tasks and saving the people. The show’s narratives derive from a number of Princess Quest rulebooks as well as gaining inspiration from the fascinating mythologies of the Aztec, Maya and Inca culture. They also incorporate contemporary Caribbean culture, making the series a unique and interesting watch.   

Available: All regions

3. Hilda (Andy Coyle, Luke Pearson, 2018)

Based on Luke Pearson’s eponymous graphic novel series, this show revolves around the life of a blue-haired girl named Hilda, who is brave and funny and lives in a magical forest with her deer fox Twig before being forced to move to the city of Trollberg. Despite her initial apprehension. 

Hilda ends up going on a series of adventures with her friends David and Frida, as well as an elf called Alfur and befriends various animals and spirits that inhabit the city. Given its interesting premise, the show has garnered quite the fanbase with fans anticipating the third season soon. 

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2. Ada Twist, Scientist (Chris Nee, 2018)

Based on Andrea Beatty’s eponymous book, an eight-year-old Ada Twist is brimming with curiosity and love for science. In her pursuit of the truth, with her best friends Rosie and Iggy, Ada finds herself solving various mysteries as well as using the knowledge of science to help make the world a better place. 

With just two seasons, the show has a range of diverse and likeable characters who are clever and entertaining. Instead of providing mindless entertainment, the show is steeped in educational values that might help garner interest regarding science in children’s minds. 

Available: All regions

1. Karma’s World (Ludacris, 2021)

A young and ambitious 10-year-old, Karma Grant, has big musical dreams of being an artist and a rapper. Her empathy and kindness coupled with resilience make her a likeable and passionate individual who slowly comes to terms with the healing and magical effects of music that can surely change the world. 

With its fair share of comedy, the series is indeed inspirational and urges one to follow their dreams, no matter how intangible they may seem. Ludacris created the show for his daughter and must be lauded due to the diversity in western animation that he manages to create. With a refreshing set of voice actors and well-animated scenes, it is a must-watch to help ignite passion in children. 

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