Everything we need to know about Netflix’s ‘Hilda’ season 3
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Everything we need to know about Netflix’s 'Hilda' season 3

Based on Luke Pearson’s eponymous graphic novel series, this American-British-Canadian award-winning animated comedy series debuted in September 2018 and garnered quite the fan following ever since.

The show is based on the life of a blue-haired girl named Hilda, who is brave and funny and lives in a magical forest with her deer fox Twig before being forced to move to the city of Trollberg. Despite her initial apprehension. Hilda ends up going on a series of adventures with her friends David and Frida, as well as an elf called Alfur and befriends various animals and spirits that inhabit the city. 

When a show is based on a comic series, it is not easy to achieve the same amount of perfection, and series often receive flak and criticism. However, Andy Coyle, in collaboration with Pearson, created a wonderful adaptation that became quickly popular among the young audience.

An upcoming movie in 2021 and a third season is highly anticipated as viewers cannot wait for even more adventure, mystery, and thrill to embark upon with Hilda and her little gang.

Here is everything that we know about Netflix’s Hilda season three: 

Everything we need to know about Netflix’s Hilda Season 3

Will there be a Season 3 for Hilda?

Fans are speculating that the third season of Hilda will be released soon. In December 2020, Netflix released the second season, which ended on a very open-ended note, thus forging the path for a possible third season.

Although Netflix has not confirmed anything, it is expected that by 2021, season three shall be released on Netflix. This is the most expected scenario as the show had garnered immense popularity due to the wonderful premise and setting. 

Who are the possible cast members on Hilda Season 3? 

It is expected that season three will have a few more additions. Since Netflix has confirmed nothing, here is the list of cast members from the previous two seasons who shall re-appear to lend their voices once again: 

  • Bella Ramsey – Hilda
  • Daisy Haggard – Johanna
  • Ameerah Falzon-Ojo – Frida
  • Oliver Nelson – David
  • Ilan Galkoff – David’s singing voice
  • Reece Pockney – Trevor
  • Rasmus Hardiker – Alfur Aldric
  • Ako Mitchell – Wood Man
  • Claire Skinner – Additional voices
  • Simon Greenall – Additional voices
  • Nina Sosanya – Additional voices
  • Kaisa Hammarlund – Additional voices
  • Ólafur Darri Ólafsson – Additional voices

Why is Hilda such a popular series?

Hilda offers a world of magical escapism that is, however, embedded in real feelings and emotions. Although it is an animated show, the emotional depth of the characters is commendable. It provides a great outlet for children to delve deep into their individual emotional selves and explore their sensitive side. Children often do not know how to express their emotions, and this show allows them to come to terms with their individual emotional language. 

The show’s first season focuses on the blue-haired protagonist dealing with her emotions as she has to move from the very familiar space of a magical forest to the urban space of Trollberg. It is difficult for her to comprehend the move and deal with various fears and insecurities regarding making friends and city life. However, she soon manages to overcome these obstacles and make friends as well as have fun in her new life. 

What are some other Netflix animated shows like Hilda? 

Netflix has a wide variety of shows that shall appeal to both young and older audiences. Shows like Deadendia, Welcome to My Life, Kid Cosmic, and more shall appeal to the ones who enjoy bizarre and quirky characters who go on a series of adventures and escapades.