10 most popular Netflix Original series ever
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10 most popular Netflix Original series ever

There is something undeniably interesting about witnessing a top ten. Whether it is a list of films or albums scribbled down by your favourite artist or a community-compiled list of your favourite shows, the idea of a charted list speaks to our humanity on a supremely organised level. When we add a popularity complex to this our inner-egos rejoice! Now, Netflix is helping us revel in such frivolity as they’ve released the ten most popular Netflix Original series of all time.

Naturally, such a list is wildly skewed by the streaming platform’s surge in popularity over the last three years. With many people locked down as part of the coronavirus pandemic, platforms such as Netflix experienced a huge surge in popularity, meaning that some of Netflix’s older creations aren’t getting quite the same shine as the newly released shows. However, that doesn’t stop the top ten from being incredibly intriguing.

Perhaps one of the real reasons the streaming platform has just, once again, shared its ten most popular Netflix original series of all time is because Squid Game, the new K-drama based on murderous children’s games, is set to climb the charts when it finally reaches the 28-day mark by which the entire list is judged.

Co-CEO Ted Sarandos recently shared what he called the “most comprehensive look so far” at Netflix’s impressive viewing figures. “We’re trying to be more transparent with talent, with the market,” Sarandos said at an industry event, according to Variety.

The big winner, at the moment at least, is Bridgerton which amassed a mammoth 625 million streams during its first 28 days, while part four of Money Heist achieved similarly impressive opening stats with 619 million streams. Also noted within the list is the third instalment of Stranger Things and The Witcher — both of which will be returning this year.

Perhaps the only really strange note is that, despite sweeping the Emmys, there is no place in the top ten for The Crown, but with another season on the way soon, that could easily change. For now, Bridgerton takes top spot, but we imagine it won’t be for long.

Take a look at the full list below and count up how many you’ve seen.

Most popular Netflix Original series:

  1. Bridgerton (Season 1) – 625 million
  2. Money Heist (Part 4) – 619 million
  3. Stranger Things (Season 3) – 582 million
  4. The Witcher (Season 1) – 541 million
  5. 13 Reasons Why (Season 2) – 496 million
  6. 13 Reasons Why (Season 1) – 476 million
  7. You (Season 2) – 457 million
  8. Stranger Things (Season 2) – 427 million
  9. Money Heist (Part 3) – 426 million
  10. Ginny & Georgia (Season 1) – 381 million