10 most popular films on Netflix this week: May 2022
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10 most popular films on Netflix this week: May 2022

While Netflix has been facing a financial crisis due to the massive subscriber exodus and falling stock prices, the streamer has been consistently releasing brand new content in May 2022, which has found its way into the global charts

Every week we bring you the ten most popular Netflix films across the globe as we aim always to provide the very Best of Netflix

Rebel Wilson’s recent release Senior Year has occupied the top spot with a staggering streaming time of nearly 56 million hours. The film, directed by Alex Hardcastle, seems to be a juvenile version of 13 Going On 30, incorporating various teen comedy tropes that ultimately meander towards self-discovery and acceptance.

Wilson stars as a 37-year-old woman, Ruby, who wakes up after a two-decade-long coma, determined to return to high school and regain her lost popularity. 

The latest documentary, Our Father is a harrowing story of a controversial fertility specialist Doctor Donald Cline who had nearly 100 children. Viewed for a little over 23 million hours, the shocking documentary shows how this sinister doctor impregnated patients without their consent with his sperm. The subject of the documentary is pretty timeless in the wake of the legalisation of abortion protest that is taking place in the red states in the United States of America. 

Pete Davidson’s Marmaduke is now in the third spot, having been viewed for 15 million hours. The Staten Island comedian voices the overgrown titular Great Dane who is mischievous, goofy and adorable and tries hard to prove himself to his family while waltzing into the glitzy world of grand competitions and elite, arrogant dogs. 

Along for the Ride is topping charts for the second week in a row since its release. Viewed for 13 million hours, the film is directed by Sofia Alvarez and is based on Sarah Dessen’s eponymous 2009 novel, as it deals with teenage problems, insomnia and love. Flaunting their score by the Beach House, Alvarez had previously talked about how their “dream-pop sound is so lucid and nostalgic with an emotional current that buzzes through your body” is perfect for the vibe of the show. 

A gritty Gerard Butler 2018 heist film, Den of Thieves, has also reached the charts out of various older classics. Also starring  Pablo Schreiber, 50 Cent, O’Shea Jackson, Mo McRae, Evan Jones, Dawn Olivieri, Max Holloway etc., the film is an exciting homage to the classic heist genre and revolves around a breathtaking bank robbery, complemented by gritty action sequences, action scenes, satisfying encounters and shoot-out scenes that will please genre enthusiasts. 

Despite its zero per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, the controversial sequel to 365 Days, titled 365 Days: This Day is still a part of the top 10 charts. Despite endless orgasms, glistening abs and opulence, the film is an utter disaster. Read our honest and scathing review of the film here.  

Read below to find out the list of ten most popular films on Netflix this week in May 2022: 

Netflix’s most popular films this week:

  1. Senior Year 
  2. Our Father 
  3. Marmaduke 
  4. Along for the Ride 
  5. Operation Mincemeat 
  6. Sonic the Hedgehog 
  7. 365 Days: This Day 
  8. U.S. Marshals 
  9. Den of Thieves 
  10. Men in Black: International