Zara Larsson reveals the greatest challenge of her Netflix debut
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Zara Larsson reveals the greatest challenge of her Netflix debut

The Swedish singer Zara Larsson has discussed the greatest challenges for her ahead of her debut on Netflix

In conversation with Metro, the singer, who is soon to appear in the coming-of-age movie A Part of You alongside Felicia Maxime and Edvin Ryding, teased what we can expect from the upcoming film. “I’m a drama girl so I’m going to be very dramatic. It’s raw and it feels real and it’s emotional and it’s sad, but it’s happy and it’s big, but it’s small”.

Continuing, she adds, “Obviously, I haven’t seen it yet but the script sounds beautiful and I love my cast that I’m doing it with. I love the director, so it’s definitely a new thing for me, very different to what I’m doing today but also kinda not, you know? It’s a performance…I think it’s really hard not to look into the camera”.

Helmed by Sigge Eklund, the movie tells the story of a teenager whose perfect high-school life is turned upside down by a major life event, with Larsson appearing in her first major acting role.  

“I’m very bad at preparing for stuff,” the singer admitted, “My band are always joking with me when we’re doing production rehearsals or any kind of rehearsals, I just want to lay on the floor, scroll on TikTok, like, I just don’t like rehearsing, and then when I’m on stage it’s go time”. 

A Part of You isn’t due to be released until 2024, so for now, enjoy Larsson’s most recent song, ‘End of Time’ below.