The five best high school drama series on Netflix
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The five best high school drama series on Netflix

There’s a certain sense of escapism one can feel when watching a high-school drama. Whether it is reliving some of the more joyful moments of your childhood or papering over some of the more difficult ones, it is safe to say that sometimes binging a drama series can help us to find more stable ground. Netflix isn’t short of these dramas either.

The streaming platform has upheld a few noteworthy stories that revolve around the very hub of young adults who are only learning to make mistakes. Here we have created a list of the five best high school drama series currently streaming on Netflix.

Teenage years are confusing for all, thus addressing issues surrounding our most formative years are important. From hormones blurring rational thoughts to rebellion driving people to make mistakes, one will remember a lifetime. Everyone goes through it, and everyone dreads it. 

But the drama that surrounds one’s high school experience is one to never forget. Relive your dramatic days by binging this list of crazy and over-the-top high school drama series currently streaming on Netflix.

Five best high school drama series on Netflix

5. Ginny & Georgia 

A story of a rather unconventional relationship between a mother and a daughter. Ginny & Georgia along with young Austin are always on the move. Usually, after Georgia ends her relationship with whoever she is dating, she likes to move to a new place and bring her family along.

This made Austin and Ginny forever newbies in every school. But this time when Georgia moved to Wellsbury, she aims to establish their roots. Ginny’s new school brings an array of drama, with friends and lovers. What happens next?

Watch Ginny & Georgia on Netflix here.

Ginny & Georgia Season 2- Official trailer

4. Heartbreak High 

Heartbreak High is a long-running Australian TV drama series set in a high school in the suburb of Newtown. It revolves around the lives of a group of students and teachers and their experiences whilst growing up in a multicultural environment.

The show covers several sensitive and complex issues, including teenage pregnancy, drugs, racism, and homosexuality. Heartbreak High provided an honest, gritty, and realistic look at the lives of teenagers. Viewers loved binging through the season. Are you ready for this ride? 

Watch Heartbreak High on Netflix here.

Heartbreak High– Official trailer

3. Sex Education 

One of the most iconic stories of the era. Sex Education is a British comedy-drama series that follows the life of Otis, who is an awkward high school student teaming up with rebellious Maeve Wiley to start an unofficial sex therapy clinic at school. The show focuses on topics related to teenage sexuality, relationships, and mental health.

One of the topics that the show covers is the varying nature of relationships between parents and their children all within the same community. Definitely an entertaining yet quite thought-provoking series.

Watch Sex Education on Netflix here.

Sex Education Season 3- Official Trailer

2. Never Have I Ever 

When Devi’s father passed away during one of her concerts, her life changed. She feels his presence everywhere but refuses to work through her emotions. When Devi gets into therapy she realises how deep-seated her issues are. Her therapist insists she works through her unresolved grief. Instead, she puts her mind on all kinds of distractions in school. A rather different approach to a mother-daughter relationship. Similar to Ginny & Georgia in many ways, yet quite different! 

Watch Never Have I Ever on Netflix here.

Never Have I Ever Season 3- Official Trailer

1. The Society (2019)

The Society is a Netflix original series that highlights how the lives of a group of teenagers change when they are mysteriously transported to a replica of their town, New England. The new place is alien. They are the only people left behind.

Whilst they struggle to find out the cause of this catastrophic calamity, they establish order and form alliances to try and survive as they grapple with the struggles of forming their new society. The Society explores relationships and the very essence of power dynamics. How groups are formed and how humans react in situations of crisis. 

Watch The Society on Netflix here.

The Society Season 1- Official trailer