‘You’ creator discusses what we can expect from the next instalment of season four
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'You' creator discusses what we can expect from the next instalment of season four

Created by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, Netflix recently premiered the first volume of its fan-favourite show You. Starring Penn Badgley in the lead as the psychotic killer and stalker, Joe Goldberg, the series has garnered a massive following due to its ubiquitous themes of love, sex, violence and murder.

After unleashing havoc across the last three seasons, Goldberg quits American soil and looks for a fresh start during his “European holiday”, adopting the identity of Jonathan Moore, a professor in London. He soon finds himself associating with a group of obnoxious British elites who flaunt wealth and despise the poor. Disillusioned and disgusted, Goldberg barely reigns in his hatred for the rich when he finds himself in the midst of a pulpy whodunit where a killer on the loose targets only the wealthy.

He soon grows more fearful as the tables are turned, and the predator becomes the prey. Joe discovers that the killer knows his past secrets and blackmails him into doing his bidding. Pulpy and fascinating, the new season is full of madness and chaos.

However, towards the end of the first volume, the series exposes the identity of the killer. It is one of the members of the elitist British group, the acclaimed writer Rhys Montrose. Portrayed by Ed Speleers, Rhys connects well with Joe in the beginning of the season. He seems to despise the group and feels pretty out of place due to his humble background and difficult childhood.

As the season progresses, he is revealed to be the main antagonist who plots to take down his friends while running for political candidacy. Although he tries to frame Joe for one of the earliest murders in the show, he fails. While he leaves Joe and another “friend” to burn while being chained to the wall, Rhys is seen sneering. He says, “If you’re clever enough to get yourself free, I’ll see you in London,” after which he disappears. The first volume ends with a cliffhanger as Joe vows to take him down.

While fans are excited to see what the second volume has in store for them, Gamble spoke to Glamour about the next instalment. She said, “The second part of the season is going to be about the relationship between Joe and the killer that he’s discovered. So that’s always going to be about what they have in common and what Joe thinks they don’t have in common.”

Talking about season four, she said, “In a very dark way, we’ve given him a different kind of view this season. This You is going to be able to burrow into him in a different way because Rhys just has different things in common with Joe.”

The second volume of You season four is scheduled to premiere on March 9th, 2023. Watch the first volume on Netflix now.