Five wild ‘You’ season 4 fan theories
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Five wild 'You' season 4 fan theories

Created by Sera Gamble and Greg Berlanti, You is undoubtedly one of Netflix’s most popular series. With a fourth season on its way, this is one of the most highly-anticipated releases of 2023.

Portrayed by Penn Badgley, Joe Goldberg is undoubtedly one of Netflix’s most dangerous and psychotic creations. With a penchant for books, panties and murder, Joe Goldberg terrorized his objects of interest on-screen for three consecutive seasons and is coming back for more. 

In the upcoming fourth season which boasts an extensive cast, Joe will now be seen in the United Kingdom and Europe, disguising himself as a Professor and encountering several new characters, most of whom are rich English socialites from Oxford University. Their opulent lives, fueled by substance and tone-deafness, will surely be altered with Joe’s arrival. 

The season will premiere in two parts on Netflix, with the first volume streaming on February 10th, 2023, followed by the second on March 10th, 2023.

Take a look at the 5 wild You season four fan theories circulating on the Internet:

5 wild ‘You’ season 4 fan theories

Will Beck’s sister, Anya will make an appearance?

This theory supposed that Beck has some living family, unlike Joe’s other conquests, and that Anya never appears in the series but her presence is hinted at in the first season, offering up an alluring proposition.

According to fan theories on Reddit, Anya might make an appearance in the fourth season. She might be trying to piece together the reasons behind her sister’s death and will perhaps catch Joe at an inopportune moment to seek revenge.

Will the season mark the entry of Joe’s brother?

In the third season, during one of his flashbacks, Joe is seen running into his mother and a little boy who might be his (half) brother. While the showrunners do not delve deep into the storyline, they do hint at the existence of the said brother.

Will season four introduce Joe’s brother? Will the brother be just as psychotic or will he be the key to dismantling Joe’s carefully curated sinister plans and obsession?

Might Ellie seek vengeance?

In season two, Joe had a brief stint with the investigative reporter, Delilah who was killed by Love Quinn because Love was afraid the reporter would expose Joe’s deeds. Delilah had a little sister named Ellie who is manipulated by Joe to not expose Love’s secrets.

Last season, Joe reveals the small details of how he is still supporting Ellie financially. Now that Love is dead and Ellie has grown, might she make a return to expose Joe? Or will she continue to believe his lies and stay sheltered?

Will Joe be haunted by the ghosts of his past?

If karma is real, Joe Goldberg will definitely be in for a treat this season. Joe is incredibly tone-deaf when it comes to his deeds and he seems to have a logical explanation for everything, along with literary references.

However, according to Reddit fans, Love Quinn might make a comeback this season in form of hallucinations. She might taunt Joe and force him into a harrowing mental space where he finally realizes what his problems are.

Will Joe finally be caught for his crimes?

Joe Goldberg has been getting away with his crimes for too long without facing any consequences. Since the very first season, this psychotic stalker has been satiating his thirst for blood and the desire to possess under the garb of love. In the third season, Joe came pretty close to dying in the house fire but miraculously escaped.

The fourth season has a wide range of characters, many of whom will most likely be pretty suspicious of Joe. Whether Joe’s stints in Paris and London will end with him in handcuffs is something fans are eager to witness.