Yeon Sang-ho joins Alfonso Cuarón for ‘Revelations’ adaptation
(Credit: Gage Skidmore)

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Yeon Sang-ho joins Alfonso Cuarón for 'Revelations' adaptation

The Korean filmmaker Yeon Sang-ho is returning to Netflix for a new movie in cooperation with the legendary Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuarón. The new feature will be a direct adaptation of his hit webtoon Revelations. Cuarón is slated to executive produce and offer his directional expertise on the project. 

Sang-ho is known as a jack of all trades. Alongside his directional exploits, he is a prominent screenwriter, producer and animator known for his work on both animated and live-action movies. He first soared to fame in 2016 after releasing the zombie apocalypse thriller Train to Busan. That same year, he followed the story up with a successful prequel, Seoul Station

Over the past six years, Sang-ho has grown from strength to strength, broadening his catalogue with notable titles like the live-action superhero movie Psychokinesis and the standalone sequel to Train to Busan, Peninsula, which completed his zombie trilogy. 

In recent years, Sang-ho has also contributed to Netflix’s thriving content collection. His work on the platform includes Jung_E, Hellbound and, most recently, Parasyte: The Grey. With a second season of Hellbound currently under production, the director sets his sights on a collaboration with Cuarón. 

In a new statement announcing the Revelations project, Sang-ho revealed his utmost respect for Cuarón’s previous work. “Alfonso Cuarón, known for masterpieces like Children of Men and Gravity, has greatly influenced my work as a director,” he said. “I am thrilled at this opportunity to collaborate with him on shaping Revelations, and I have high expectations for our partnership.”

Although Sang-ho has a rich history in screenwriting, he once again collaborates with the lauded writer Choi Gyu-seok. The pair previously worked together on the first series of Hellbound and several comic serials. 

Revelations follows a missing persons case involving a pastor and a detective, each motivated by their different beliefs. Ryu Jun-yeol stars as Min-chan, the pastor who experiences a divine revelation and believes a visitor named Yang-rae abducted his son. Driven by his faith, Min-chan becomes obsessed with vengeance. 

Meanwhile, Shin Hyun-been portrays Detective Yeon-hee, who investigates Yang-rae as a suspect and becomes wary of Min-chan’s behaviour. Haunted by the memory of her sister’s tragic death, Yeon-hee navigates the blurred lines between faith and reality.