Will Sex and the City be the same without Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones?
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Will Sex and the City be the same without Kim Cattrall as Samantha Jones?

“If I worried what every bitch in New York was saying about me, I’d never leave the house.” — Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones is an undisputed icon. She’s the oldest, sassiest, smartest and wisest of the Sex and the City quartet, who charismatically oozes self-confidence and suffocating charm. Her life is Samantha-size when it comes to her unabashed opinions, unconditional love for sex and her relentless drive to excel in her career. 

Jones was the ultimate feminist pop cultural icon that the 1990s was desperately crying out for, and she represented a kind of woman who was previously seldom seen on screens. With her opinionated self having quite a few strong ideas about men, marriages, relationships, careers, children and more, she subverted and redefined the position of women in society. 

On top of that, Samantha was also candid and brave. Whether she was unhappy in a relationship or simply didn’t orgasm enough, Jones voiced her opinions and thoughts. She preached self-love and spread the need for loving our female friends. One iconic quote from Sex and the City 2 pops into the mind where she stated, “Men, babies, doesn’t matter. We’re soulmates.” 

Samantha was unequivocally always a true friend to the girls in the group; on one occasion, she even went as far as ditching a date to spend time with her trusted allies. Furthermore, who could forget the legendary moment when she dumped her boyfriend Smith, who bought her the ring she wanted to buy herself. Her reason? She loved him, but her love for herself reigned supreme — proving her self-love preaching goddess credentials.

Samantha Jones has instilled confidence in countless women and girls who probably struggle with insecurity and other issues. She has preached body positivity and has defied societal standards with fierce quotes like, “I am fifty fucking two, and I will rock this dress”. 

Most importantly, she recognises the problems that plague this inherently misogynistic system and does not shy away from calling out people on their rubbish. She is perhaps the best and most inspiring character in the entire franchise who teaches us to be ourselves without giving a damn! 

Kim Cattrall was iconic in her portrayal of Samantha. Outrageous and unabashed opinions galore that the ’90s were most definitely not ready for, her character’s openness and sassy persona made her a cult-favourite. Sometimes, we wish we got to see a spin-off series that would document her escapades and sexcapades alone! Cattrall’s blonde wavy hair and hooded eyes became a signature look for Samantha Jones. And when we came across the news of Sex and the City 3 being filmed without Cattrall, imagine our utter heartbreak! 

Listen up already! No matter how much grandiose is involved in the production of the third and final film of the franchise, a Samantha Jones-less Sex and the City just doesn’t sit right. What would the iconic quartet be without the bomb-dropping comments and opinions of Samantha? Who would help the other three, Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte, realise that the “perfect” man is all but an illusion? Who would stand up to blatant slut-shaming and shut it down with her powerful and scathing words? Who would say, “Fuck me badly once, shame on you? Fuck me badly twice, shame on me.”? 

Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker have been at an “are they” “are they not” stage of friendship all their lives, ever since the shooting for the series commenced way back in the ’90s. The rumour mill claims Parker was cruel to Cattrall on multiple occasions, and the latter was often left to eat alone while the other three would lunch together. Various gossip sites have circulated rumours which both women have shut down on multiple occasions. After all, society loves to pit successful women against one another. 

However, things got even sourer between the duo after Cattrall’s brother passed away in a tragic incident. Parker reached out to offer her condolences over Instagram, leading the former to lash out against her for being such a “hypocrite”. Parker was reportedly extremely hurt by such an “unnecessary” outburst. Soon after, news regarding the absence of Cattrall from the third and final film instalment started circulating.

The trio has been seen filming on the streets of NYC in black, which led to many fans speculating that the franchise would probably kill off Samantha Jones to put an end to her arc. It will be extremely heartbreaking to witness the three lead the NYC lifestyle without their biggest hype woman, cheerleader, guru and counsellor. 

With her departure from the franchise, Kim Cattrall has left behind a Samantha Jones-shaped hole in our hearts, one that will always feel barren and hollow. Her legacy as one of the strongest ’90s female icons will live on irrespective of whether she makes her last hurrah in the upcoming film or not! 

“I’m a try-sexual. I’ll try anything once!”

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