Netflix acquires ‘Knives Out’ franchise in $400+ million deal
(Credit: Lionsgate)


Netflix acquires 'Knives Out' franchise in $400+ million deal

Since the days of Agatha Christie and Co., whodunnit’s have always been eternally popular. Knives Out was the latest star-studded incarnation of the trope back in 2019 and now Oscar-nominated flick is set for the Netflix franchise treatment.

Deadline has reported that Netflix has won a discreet bidding war in which they were joined by Apple and Amazon. The streaming service has now acquired the rights for the franchising of the film, owned by director Rian Johnson and T-Street co-founder Ram Bergman for a sum believed to be around $450million. 

The first of the sequels is set to begin filming in Greece on June 28th with casting currently underway. It remains to be seen who will join Daniel Craig for the picture, but with a huge budget, it is likely to continue its predecessor’s tradition of chucking the cast full with a big name. 

The first film in the soon-to-be franchise won three Golden Globes as well as receiving a handful of Oscar nods.

The film grossed around $312million at the time of writing far surpassing its considerable $40m budget, however, clearly the fact that Netflix has cashed out a reported $450million means that they are still taking a considerable risk. 

As filming has not yet begun, the follow-up won’t be hitting screens any time soon. In the meantime, you can check out a trailer for the original below.