Why you need to watch ‘Drink Masters’ right now
(Credit: Netflix)

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Why you need to watch 'Drink Masters' right now

Drink Masters is the newest competition show on Netflix right now. It has been trending and for the right reasons. In the world of 2022, we find ourselves resorting to the niches of our choices. Specialised jobs and careers unheard of before are becoming the face of reality.

Given that, the spirit to explore newer realms with careers is also improving. As a global front, we have progressed in making successful careers out of jobs that were not given as much importance before. These very jobs have become a ground to grow and experiment with to create something extraordinary. 

Netflix’s habit of making a show out of everything has come in handy while playing into people’s niche interests. They have been mass targeting consumers, and it works. For several reasons, shows like Drink Masters are good to headline.

Most importantly as it shines a light on the variety of successful careers, one can achieve in different fields. But it’s also about recognition and appreciation of the art of practice that creators over the world have expertise on for years. We finally get a platform to highlight niche art forms and growth in industries undiscussed and heard of before. 

From great chef Amaury Guichon’s School of Chocolate to Bake Squad or Blown Away, every show chooses to highlight niches. Therefore, by watching shows of the same nature, not only do we as viewers get encouraged to explore our horizons, but also hardworking people receive the much-deserved appreciation they had in order. 

In Drink Masters, twelve innovative, diverse, and gifted mixologists meet to compete for the title of the Ultimate Drink Master. In the show, they compete through challenging rounds of high-stake cocktails and experiment with unique flavour combinations for a life-changing title and winning prize.

The winning prize? A whopping $100,000. Although it has met with some harsh reception for being a show about highly prized drinks, it is most definitely a good watch. Understandingly the cocktail industry is an expensive one, given the sheer amount that’s required to serve one delicious drink. Given that, as viewers, we get to see unique methods being used to make one glass of deliciousness. 

If you are into competition shows, this one falls right into your cup of tea. You are rest assured to find some find use for it in the show. Drink Masters, currently streaming on Netflix. But first, catch the trailer here!