The five best cooking shows to binge on Netflix
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The five best cooking shows to binge on Netflix

Food is the secret way to someone’s heart. Let’s correct that, cooking is the secret way to someone’s soul. When I moved out of my house, one of the things that I dreaded was the idea of having to cook for myself at all times. However, I soon realised how much I cherished the few hours I dedicated to preparing myself something nice that replenished my soul.

Not only did cooking seem like a therapeutic activity, but it also encouraged me to take care of myself. Mindful cooking made me aware of reducing waste and making healthy food tastier. A way I established this connection was by watching innumerable cooking shows on Netflix and being obsessed with them. 

Thanks to the streamer, we have a way into the lives of gifted chefs around the world, sharing the same love and connection with food. And let’s be honest, why will you not choose to invest in a hobby that keeps your taste buds happy and gives you the joy of creating something from the scratch? Want home-cooked bread? Always wondered how to make your own hummus? Or what makes virgin olive oil so special? We have you covered.

We have compiled a list of the 5 best cooking shows on Netflix right now that are worthy of binging and your attention. We have got you covered. So without further ado, let’s dive into the fresh world of the grill, saute, baking, and braising. 

The five best cooking shows to binge on Netflix:

5. Chef’s Table

This culinary marvel was piloted in the year 2015. Created by David Gelb, this American docuseries continues to be one of the best cooking series to this day on the streamer. In this wild journey of spices, aroma, and mouth-watering colours, meet the culinary celebrities around the world who are here to redefine taste.

Watch how they innovate quintessential dishes around the globe and give them their very own twist just for the love of food. This might be your only chance to find out about the best chef’s around the world, their kitchen lives, and techniques only niche to their tables. So, what are you waiting for? 

4. The Final Table 

A competitive cooking show that covers the globe? Is that what you asked for? Don’t worry, Netflix has got you covered! The competition revolves around pairs of 12 chefs from around the globe battling to find a seat at the final table. When I say, global, they really went global.

A few of the chefs include Grant Achatz (U.S.), Enrique Olvera (Mexico), Clare Smyth (U.K.), Andoni Aduriz (Spain), Helena Rizzo (Brazil), Anne-Sophie Pic (France), Vineet Bhatia (India), Carlo Cracco (Italy) and Yoshihiro Narisawa (Japan). Each episode highlights one dish belonging to one of the nationalities and is adorned with various celebrity critics. This series will definitely get you navigating the edge of your seats, and that too with a watering mouth. Dive in!   

3. Salt Fat Acid Heat 

This one is also for the cookbook fan club. The show is based on Samin Nosrat’s very own book of the same name, published in 2017. The four-part series has been on Netflix since 2018. Hosted by the author, the show takes you on a lavish journey to understand the four basic elements to finesse any dish, according to Nosrat.

This James Beard award-winning author will travel through California, Japan, Mexico, and Italy to investigate the former fundamentals on a journey to deeply understand food and its importance. 

2. School of Chocolate 

If you are a millennial or not, if you use a phone, do you recall those crazy videos where a man plays around with chocolate and then bang! Something beautiful comes out of it, which both you and I never saw coming. Yes, that is world-renowned French chocolatier Amaury Guichon who changed the face of chocolatiers in this contemporary world. He is an artist, but his medium is chocolate.

Unlike other competitions, in this one, no one ever leaves, and each episode feels more like a masterclass, as the name suggests. We get to learn his unique ways of sculpting chocolate and playing around with its nature and texture to produce something extraordinary out of it. It’s almost a win-win-win situation if you consider us gaining all this knowledge from the show whilst lying back on our couches at home. Highly recommend this one! 

1. The Chef Show 

Excellent for ones who are starting out on their food journeys. Fresh, chill, and relaxed, the show covers all segments of audiences as our favourite Jon Favreau works his food with partner chef Roy Choi to create beautiful and mouth-watering dishes. ‘The Chef Show’ is a tribute to food-lovers and people who enjoy cooking.

The creative duo interview and cook with multiple talented chefs and celebrities to carefully learn their recipes and understand the love they share with their food. If nothing else worked, this will for certain make you want to gift yourself the dinner you deserve at home. Watch the trailer here!