Who are the Baroque Works in ‘One Piece’?
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Who are the Baroque Works in ‘One Piece’?

Netflix may have landed a big hit on their hands with the One Piece live-action adaptation. The first season, replete with eight episodes, covers the initial manga saga but sets up enough storylines that hint at stories likely to come in any potential future seasons.

This is where you should turn around if you haven’t watched the series yet, for this post will be full of spoilers.

One particular thread introduced in the very first episode of One Piece involves Mr. 7, a member of a mysterious organisation named Baroque Works. Later episodes reveal that Vice Admiral Garp has been on their tail for quite some time.

Before becoming a Straw Hat member, skilled swordsman Roronoa Zoro was a bounty hunter. Initially introduced in the manga as Captain Morgan’s captive, he’s first seen in the show on Sixis Island in the East Blue, honouring a lost friend at a shrine. Here, Mr. 7 invites Zoro to join Baroque Works, but Zoro declines, jesting about desiring a higher rank. Mr. 7 warns, “To turn down Baroque Works is to turn down your life.”

Zoro retorts, “If they were that serious, they should’ve sent someone better than number seven,” leading to a fight where Zoro slashes him in half. Mr. 7’s presence hints at Zoro’s backstory in the manga and suggests a potential revisit to this storyline in any future seasons of the show.

So, who are the Baroque Works in ‘One Piece’?

Baroque Works is a fictional criminal organisation in One Piece, created by Eiichiro Oda. It is one of the major antagonistic groups during the Alabasta Saga, which spans from the Reverse Mountain Arc to the Alabasta Arc.

Baroque Works is led by its enigmatic and ambitious leader, known as Mr. 0 or Sir Crocodile. The organisation’s main goal is to overthrow the Alabasta Kingdom and seize control of its valuable Poneglyph, which holds the key to finding the ancient weapon Pluton. To achieve this goal, Baroque Works employs various agents who operate under codenames and are organised into pairs, with a male and a female member working together.

The prominent members of Baroque Works include:

Nico Robin (Devil Child) – Nico Robin has the forbidden ability to read and decipher Poneglyphs. She can reproduce her body parts (or her entire body) and is the sixth member to join the Straw Hats as their archaeologist. 

Mr. 1 (Daz Bonez) and Miss Doublefinger (Paula): Mr. 1 can turn any body part into steel blades, and Paula can create spikes on hers.

Mr. 2 (Bon Kurei) and Miss Goldenweek (Marianne): Mr. 2 is a shape-shifting martial artist who can transform his appearance, while Miss Goldenweek is an artist who can manipulate people’s emotions using colours.

Mr. 3 (Galdino) and Miss Valentine (Mikita): Mr. 3 has the power to create and manipulate wax, which he uses for various traps and weapons, while Miss Valentine can control her body weight.

Mr. 4 (Babe) and Miss Merry Christmas (Drophy): Mr. 4 has incredible strength and wields a massive baseball bat, while Miss Merry Christmas has the ability to be a mole-human hybrid.

Mr. 5 (Igaram) and Miss Valentine: Mr. 5 can turn any part of his body into a bomb, while Miss Valentine can control her body weight.

Mr. 7 (Zala) and Miss Father’s Day (Kiev): Both are known for their sniping ability.

Mr. 8 (Hina) and Miss Monday (Monda): Mr. 8 is a naval officer skilled in using ropes, and Miss Monday is known for her strength.

Throughout the Alabasta Saga, the Straw Hat Pirates, led by Monkey D. Luffy, become entangled in a conflict with Baroque Works as they uncover the organisation’s nefarious plans. We might also meet Smoker the White Hunter in season two as another Straw Hat opponent, as per the post-credit teaser.