‘One Piece’ post-credit scene explained
(Credit: Netflix)


‘One Piece’ post-credit scene explained

Netflix’s One Piece has defied the doubts that often accompany live-action adaptations of beloved animated series. Eiichiro Oda’s beloved creation is well on its way to gaining more fans.

Each episode in One Piece season one sets up the next seamlessly—with its new villains and plotlines. So, don’t be too hasty to tap out after episode eight’s conclusion, as there’s a post-credits teaser that offers a glimpse into the future season.

Even though One Piece has not been officially picked up for season two, showmakers have set it up for it with multiple nods to future antagonists, from Baroque Works to the mystery man we see in the post-credit scene.

As the main storyline of the season wraps up in episode eight, Netflix initially leads viewers to believe that the credits are about to roll. But a short clip follows, introducing an unexpected character to the scene. That character is none other than Smoker the White Hunter, a familiar face to fans of the original One Piece manga and anime.

What does the post-credit scene on ‘One Piece’ mean?

The post-credits scene features only a partial view of Smoker, with distinctive details like his brown leather gloves and fur-trimmed sleeves unmistakably hinting at his identity. As the scene unfolds, Smoker takes out his iconic cigar and provocatively rubs its lit tip against a freshly minted wanted poster of Luffy. This gesture underscores the Marine officer’s disdain for the Straw Hat captain, foreshadowing conflicts to come in a potential second season.

For those uninitiated in the manga’s lore, Smoker’s introduction marks a significant moment. He first crosses paths with Luffy in Loguetown during a pivotal arc, initiating an ongoing pursuit and evasion game between the two characters. This thread not only introduces the formidable Marine officer but also brings with it the debut of Portgas D. Ace, another character of immense importance to the overarching story.

D. Ace is the adopted older brother of Luffy. As the former second-division commander of the Whitebeard Pirates, Ace wields the power of the Flame-Flame Fruit and plays a crucial role in the story.

While the first season of Netflix’s One Piece culminates with the Straw Hat crew’s triumph over Arlong, this victory is merely a stepping stone in their grand adventure. The Loguetown arc that follows Arlong Park introduces pivotal characters and lays the foundation for subsequent storylines. Smoker’s arrival and his connection to Luffy represent a catalyst for what’s to come, propelling the series into the expansive Alabasta saga.