When will Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ season 3 be released?
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When will Netflix’s 'Too Hot To Handle' season 3 be released?

Netflix has recently released updates on the new release date of the upcoming third season of Too Hot To Handle, besides announcing three other unscripted shows for Netflix UK at the Edinburgh TV Festival. While there is no confirmed release date yet, Netflix has revealed that the third season would be available for streaming sometime early next year, which could indicate a February or March 2022 release. 

The streamer has also hinted at the launch of fresh new content in the form of three unscripted shows, namely Snowflake Mountains, Dance Monsters and Dated and Related

Snowflake Mountain will serve as a wilderness survival reality show where many sheltered adults will be put into somewhat dangerous conditions to help understand the meaning of freedom and independence. They shall get to explore the real world outside without being pampered by their families. This show would trace the transformative and cathartic journey and will be filmed in the picturesque Lake District. 

As the title suggests, Dance Monsters will be based on a massive dance competition with a huge twist and shall provide a global platform for people who genuinely love dancing to indulge in competition. The competitors will be transformed into fantastical monsters as they dance away to glory in front of the panellists and the audience. It will be an otherworldly experience where dancing will be used as a medium to escape reality. The show will be shot in Hampshire, United Kingdom. 

Dated and Related will pair siblings up together as they search for one another’s perfect match. One sibling shall act as a wingman to another and help them find love while constantly encouraging them to overstep their comfort zone or calling them out in their inability to do something. Awkward? You bet. The show is filmed in France and comprises a global cast. 

About the launch, the Managers of Unscripted Series, Ben Kelly and Daisy Lilley said: “Over our past couple of years at Netflix, we have been thrilled by the ideas pitched to us from production companies in the UK; ideas that are fresh, thought-provoking and playful, a perfect combination for our unscripted slate.”

They added: “We look for series that have a unique take on a familiar concept and put innovative twists on shows that you wouldn’t find anywhere else so that we can deliver something truly original.”