Netflix ‘Too Hot To Handle’ cast: Where are they now?
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Netflix 'Too Hot To Handle' cast: Where are they now?

A dating game show with handsome men and beautiful women dressed in swimsuits, engaging in scandalous affairs and other audacious activities is the basic crux of the American-British reality dating show Too Hot To Handle. 

Overseen by the panoptic Lana, who makes decisions to sustain or evict contestants, the show aims to bring men and women together in the dating pool to let them have free access to each other in a run of salacious scenes and heated connections. 

However, it is a very hypermasculine, heterosexual, and, might we say, a toxic game show where the lack of direction and the desire for stirring conflicts and scandals, contrary to their design, actually make it quite a boring and mundane show to endure. 

Despite the show’s poor ratings, the contestants have garnered a massive fan following. While some of the couples have managed to stay together long after filming ended, others’ relationships fizzled out almost immediately after. 

Let us take a look at the complete cast of the two seasons to understand what they are up to right now. 

Where are Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle cast now?


Chloe Veitch

Chloe did not find her romantic match on the show. Despite her brief connection with Bryce and David, followed by a fling with Kori Sampson, Chloe never found herself a romantic interest.

Now, she is an Instagram influencer with a huge train of followers and recently participated in the second series of The Circle USA where she finished runner-up to Deleesa, picking up fans for her brash and unabashed viewpoint.

Francesca Farago

Francesca was quite the impish rule-breaker, and her antics cost the show nearly $32,000. Francesca left the show as her partner-in-crime, Harry’s girlfriend, but the two must have called quits recently as their social media is devoid of any pictures of them together, although they continue to follow each other.

This Canadian beauty has resided in the UK after the end of filming. She was reportedly dating Demi Sims briefly, but they are no longer together. Posting sunny selfies or extremely aesthetic pictures, clad in expensive fashion brands that she models for, Francesca is likely living out her dream.

Harry Jowsey

This Australian man was one of the most sought-after bachelors on the show before he started dating Francesca. He now resides in LA and is the owner of a clothing brand named Naughty Possums. On his Instagram, he calls himself the Love Doctor and dishes out relationship advice to his followers. 

However, we are not sure how effective those pieces of advice might be given how he failed to keep his relationship with Francesca afloat. The pair, however, continue to be on good terms with each other. He also has his own podcast as well as an OnlyFans account. 

Sharron Townsend

Sharron and Rhonda spent a lot of naughty time nearly costing the show $16000. Despite their steamy romantic escapades (in the shower, too), the duo has parted ways due to the distance caused by the pandemic. However, Townsend is pretty optimistic about getting back together with Rhonda. “Hopefully there’s still a chance that we can still make something work,” he said. “I got a lot of love for her.” 

Sharron keeps pretty busy nowadays. Besides having launched the Today I Smile Project, he is focusing on his modelling and acting career. Recently he made his acting appearance in a music video and had been seen in a small supporting role in Creed II

Rhonda Paul

Single mom Rhonda might have broken up with Sharron but the duo might still get back together.

About the split, she spoke of how they “are the best of friends, [we] still do talk, as far as helping each other out, talking to each other and things like that”.

She now owns an Atlanta-based jewellery shop named PureluXX. 

Nicole O’Brien 

Ireland-based Nicole did not find a romantic connection on the show but left with a modest $7000.

She has been representing a few brands and has been in close contact with Chloe. The duo often share pictures on Instagram, updating their followers about their adventures. Nicole has a Cameo account where she charges 29 GBP to make videos for her fans. 

Haley Cureton

Haley almost did not care when she was eliminated from the show as she is one of the rarest cases who did not end up befriending anyone, let alone finding potential romantic interest.

Francesca was her sole acquaintance right before her departure. She continued her education at the University of North Florida and is now an Instagram influencer with a massive fan following and is seen frequently collaborating with beauty and clothing brands. 

Kelz Dyke

“I keep saying becoming famous is easy but staying famous is a completely different thing, especially being famous for the right reasons as well,” he told Fox News.

Adding: “So I’m quite lucky because what I think is very important are the things you learn as you get older that you don’t know when you’re 21. If this show happened to me when I was 21, we’re having a totally different conversation”.

Kelz, like some others, failed to find himself a connection despite his brief and fleeting encounter with Francesca. The London Warriors player continues to live in London. 

David Birtwistle 

This fitness coach and nutritionist has founded a coaching programme named Endeavour Life and became a Nike Training ambassador. Besides providing tips and tricks to lose fat, he is also a Cameo model like Nicole and indulges his fans with video requests in lieu of 20.75 GBP. 

David, despite his brief encounters with Chloe and Lydia, was left high and dry when he left the show and the streak seemingly continues. 

Matthew Smith

Known as Jesus due to his small role in a short film named Bless, Smith voluntarily quit the show and has been living in LA ever since as the COO of a multimedia company named Dream Katchers. 

Former America’s Next Top Model star has trimmed his mane and continues to be as handsome as ever!

Bryce Hirschberg

Bryce entered a little after everyone and cost the group $3000 by kissing Chloe.

He uses the alias Bryc and is an independent artist who dabbles in music production, singing, songwriting, acting and direction. He is a bit of everything it seems. 

Kori Sampson

A late arrival, Sampson mainly mingled with Chloe. After their spat, they no longer continued the relationship.

Sampson has a lifestyle and fitness eBook to his name and works as a model and personal fitness coach. 

Madison Wyborny 

Following Hayley’s departure, Madison was the newest addition to the show.

Now, she is a globetrotter and works as an LA-based model. 

Lydia Clyma 

Lydia arrived at the show alongside Kori and Madison and had a brief stint with David that did not last long. It was recently revealed that she had a son which she had fiercely guarded against being leaked by the news-hungry media outlets. A Nova babe and a frequent collaborator of Protein World, Lydia has recently shared that she has decided to donate her eggs. Speaking of her son, she said that she is “very protective of him” as he is her “personal life”. 

“With reality [TV] you have the thing where everyone sees and then you want to be able to go home to your personal life which you can protect and enjoy in private”, she said, as reported by OK!. 

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 cast:

Cam Holmes 

Cam was the classic bad boy on the show, breaking rules and not being able to keep his eyes to himself even while he was in a relationship with Emily, constantly checking Christina out. He even wanted to discontinue his relationship with Emily. 

However, Cam surprised viewers when he refused to get into the shower with Tabitha and soon asked Emily out once again. Even today, the lovebirds are together and share cheesy Instagram pictures. 

Emily Miller 

Who would have thought these two would last together? Despite the initial rocky start, Emily and Cam are very much in love. She keeps posting updates of their relationship and it is endearing to see Cam look at her with so much love in his eyes. The couple lives together and lets fans have a look into their life together every now and then. 

Recently at the reunion show, Cam expressed how blessed they were to be together and that they had not spent any time apart ever since filming ended. Bless our heart! 

Marvin Anthony 

Marvin is one lucky guy who left the show with a girlfriend as well as a whopping cash prize of $55,000. Melinda ad Marvin had a very bumpy relationship during their time at the villa and broke several rules together. Behind the cameras, however, their relationship soon fell apart. Marvin revealed that “even though I do miss her a lot,” they were no longer together. 

Marvin can now be seen posting suave pictures, dressed in expensive clothing and shoes. Marvin and Melinda continue being good friends despite not being on talking terms for quite some time. Elinda even admitted that she would “always have love for Marvin. That’s undeniable”.

Melinda Melrose 

Although Melinda and Marvin were together at the end of the show, their relationship quickly fell apart and it looks like Marvin’s nonchalance and ignorance had a lot to do with it. On the reunion show, Melinda revealed, “We were supposed to be in Mexico, that’s correct. I booked the Airbnb, I had things planned, but of course, Marvin and I did get into an argument, that is true. But he could have put his big boy pants on and still come.”

Marvin had even apparently refused to keep her updated, cancelling flights, ghosting her and keeping her in the “dark” for a month before leaving her alone to nurse her broken heart while he vacationed in Tulum, Mexico with his guy friends. Although Melinda was “heartbroken” and dismayed, the pair have since then rekindled their friendship and are on cordial terms. 

Christina Carmela 

Christina had quite the time at the villa, constantly flirting with Cam. However, when the latter somehow still managed to stop himself from giving in to her advances, Christina shifted her attention to Robert, who despite not being her type, broke rules with her. Lana was pissed and ejected them. 

Lana’s decision was a blessing in disguise as the pair, according to their lovey-dovey Instagram posts that show how engrossed they are in their relationship. Christina even made a light-hearted reference to the “20-second” rule break moment saying: “20 seconds turned into 6 months with you.”

Robert Van Tromp

Christina and Rob are going stronger than ever, having completed 6 months together.

Right after the reunion, Rob shared a picture on Instagram where he looks into Christina’s eyes, and captioned it with a sweet, heartfelt message, indirectly thanking Lana for having acted as the Cupid: “No one actually thinks they’ll go on a TV show and end up meeting someone they’ll fall in love with. Dear Lana, guess we didn’t do you so bad after all… ????”

Carly Lawrence 

Although Carly and Chase were initially an item, they went their separate ways on a sour note and it wasn’t long until Chase and Tabitha showed visible chemistry. However, Joey arrived on the island and scooped the girl out of her misery, sharing a kiss. Carly even hinted at how her relationship with Joey was blossoming into something further. 

“He’s a really good kisser. More stuff that happened off the show was better though,” she told CosmopolitanUK. Since her time on the show, Carly has been in close contact with Melinda and they often share cute Instagram pictures with each other, with Carly having visited him quite a few times in Miami after filming ended.  

Joey Joy 

Joey arrived as Carly’s shirtless knight-in-shining-armour when she had a rough time dealing with a broken heart. Despite their few “moments” on-camera, the duo never confirmed a relationship but seem to be going pretty strong, especially with the adorable Instagram sneak-peeks. 

Quite recently, however, they confirmed their relationship on Instagram with the following post:

Chase de Moore

Chase and Carly did not end on a good note but are back to being friends and even rung in the New Year together.

Chase and Tabitha definitely had something going on but that came to an end when Tabitha started making advances towards Cam. 

Nathan Webb 

Nathan and Larissa were unable to make things work while his relationship with Elle was merely platonic.

Besides staying in shape by being a regular at the gym, Webb has been friends with Larissa. 

Kayla Carter 

Kayla was booted out by Lana as the latter felt that neither was Kayla gaining friends nor was she getting involved in relationships.

She continued with her modelling career and keeps showing fans snippets of her work. 

Larissa Trownson 

When things between her and Nathan were tense, Larissa quit the show but continued to be on amicable terms with Nathan.

They often engage in friendly banter on social media, commenting on and hyping each other’s posts. 

Elle Monae 

Elle was a late arrival on the show and did not get much screen time. Although viewers were convinced of her chemistry with Nathan, they were simply a pair of good friends.

Nathan has been in touch with Elle it seems as he can often be seen commenting on her posts. Elle has also been on the cover of Playboy magazine, looking stunning in a red negligee. 

Tabitha Cliftt

Tabitha was a late arrival to the show as well but caused quite the stir when her presence led to quite a few tumultuous relationships falling apart. Besides getting cosy with Chase, she tried to woo Cam but the latter stayed immune to her charm. 

Tabitha is still in contact with Chase and they maintain a good friendship. She is however close to the girls, namely Emily and Christina and often speaks about their wonderful chemistry. She told that “I came out with such strong, female relationships, which was surprising seeing as I came across as kind of the villain, so I didn’t think I would. But, me, Emily and Christina have such a strong friendship now. We’ve even got holidays planned.” 

Peter Vigilante 

Peter had a steamy three-way kiss with Melinda and Carly who were both committed at that time which led Lana to send him home.

Although single, he is in close contact with his castmates and has recently uploaded a video of Melinda sitting on his back while he squats. Do we sense a romance blossoming?