When is season five of ‘Queen of the South’ coming to Netflix?
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When is season five of 'Queen of the South' coming to Netflix?

The popular American crime series Queen of the South has been streaming on Netflix for quite some time. After a successful five-season run, the show ended on July 9th after a whopping 62-episodes. 

An adaptation of the Spanish programme La Reina del Sur, the series was based on the escapades of a poor Mexican woman, Teresa, who journeys from poverty to riches by building a vast drug cartel after taking down a rival organisation to seek revenge. Starring Alice Braga in the lead role, the show garnered a lot of positive attention. 

Netflix streams the first four seasons of the show, which abounds in various bittersweet and harrowing moments. Viewers have been desperate to know when the streamer will air the fifth season, and below is what we know.

What is the status of Queen of the South

The fifth and final season of the show ended on USA Network in July. While Netflix streams all four seasons that have garnered positive attention, it is yet to confirm streaming rights for the final season. 

When will Queen of the South season 5 come to Netflix? 

The last season should start streaming on Netflix by April 7th, 2022, nearly a year after its USA Network premiere. 

Although it might seem like a long time, it is the only rational conclusion, keeping in mind the release dates of the previous seasons. For example, the fourth season premiered on USA Network on June 6th, 2019, but started streaming on Netflix nearly a year later. 

While watching your favourite series come to an end is complex, the long wait is even more excruciating. To make up for the void in your heart, stream the other four seasons on Netflix now.