What made ‘Schitt’s Creek’ a series we will never forget
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What made ‘Schitt’s Creek’ a series we will never forget

Schitt’s Creek is an absolute journey. This rollercoaster ride lasted for five years and six seasons. Short, sweet, and wholesome. You know if you have watched this that you just never wanted this show to end. Co-creators and real-life father and son Eugene and Dan Levy played a few of the main cast members, Johnny and David Rose.

The story follows the lives of a filthy-rich family who lost it all when their accounts manager decided to pull through massive tax fraud. They are forced to leave all they own and get only a small town that Johnny had once bought for his son as a joke. The town is called Schitt’s Creek. The family essentially comprises four members, mother Moira Rose (Catherine O’Hara), Johnny Rose, David Rose, and daughter Alexis Rose (Annie Murphy).  

The six seasons take us through a journey of this family reuniting in the oddest ways. Finding friends with whom they would have never seen friendship. Finding love and losing love, most importantly this family finding themselves. The family struggles to afford what they once considered beyond their status. How do they rebuild an empire from within this rural city which itself is not worth anything? 

What most fans loved about the show is how they chose to develop each character. With clearly each one in the family being an ‘anti-hero’, what made them so likeable? The script is written beautifully and focuses on what one really needs to get by our daily lives. As cliche it is, love and good friends make one richer than they think.

David (Dan Levy) realises how lonely he was before he moved to this town. Alexis finds purpose in herself. Moira makes herself useful by giving back in ways she never imagined. And Johnny holding his family together. From dysfunctionality caused by distance to really getting to know each other. The family had been gifted another chance to remind themselves of what held them together in the first place. 

What really holds the show together, besides the cold comedy, is the brimming and wholesome romance between Pattrick (Noah Reid) and David. Another beautiful love story running along under sights is the one of Alexis and Ted (Dustin Milligan). What made Patrick and David’s love story so epic is how genuine it felt. From reminiscing the old romance where one truly appreciates the other and takes note of their needs to just the simplest choices that were made in each other’s favour.

What made Alexis and Ted’s love story so beautiful is how even though we had to see the light at the end of the tunnel, we know they will always have a place for each other in their lives. That’s it, life just moves on. It continues to happen, and we are often forced to move with it. But that does not need to be for the worse.

Beautiful, elegant, aesthetic marvel, and of course, wholesome, the sitcom hints at what life really should be like. What we should really not be taking for granted. The perfect representation of a modern family finding back their roots. Don’t waste any time revisiting this beautiful series and jump right into it if you are fresh to it. Check out the trailer here!