Annie Murphy joins season 2 of Netflix show ‘Russian Doll’
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Annie Murphy joins season 2 of Netflix show 'Russian Doll'

Russian Doll and Schitt’s Creek have been two of the biggest TV successes of recent years and now Annie Murphy looks set to be part of both.

At the 2020 Emmy Awards Schitt’s Creek celebrated a record breaking night that saw the show collect an award for every major category, including Annie Murphy picking up an award for her excellent portrayal of the character Alexis Rose.

The star has since signed on to take part in the cult hit Netflix show Russian Doll with production on season two set to go ahead soon.

As of yet they’re no details regarding what her role in the show will entail as the second series is still in the development stages.

The rising star of Annie Murphy is one of Hollywood legend. Murphy, who is clearly now Hollywood hot property, told Deadline that prior to landing the role in Schitt’s Creek not only had she not landed an acting job in almost two years, but her Toronto apartment had also burned down and she was near enough broke.

In Russian Doll she will star alongside fellow rising star Nadia Vulvokov, who plays cynical leads who continually goes through a dark Groundhog Day-Esque narrative of perpetually dying and returning to the party being thrown in her honour.

You can check out the trailer for the quirky hit below.