Watch this underrated Liam Neeson thriller on Netflix
(Credit: Karen Soto)


Watch this underrated Liam Neeson thriller on Netflix

Liam Neeson has become synonymous with his iconic dialogue from the film Taken, but there’s much more to him than just that, and you need to watch this hidden gem immediately. 

The Irish actor has been in the industry for decades. He is the recipient of several awards and accolades, including Golden Globes, Tony Awards, a BAFTA and an Academy Award nomination. After being a thespian for some time, Neeson was mainly seen in supporting roles before rising to prominence as Oskar Schindler in Steven Spielberg’s Holocaust film Schindler’s List.

Neeson continued to carve out a legacy for himself with appearances in films like Neil, Rob Roy, Les Miserables, and Michael Collins. However, in 2009, his career took a turn when he became famous as an action star with films like Taken, Unknown, The A-Team, and The Commuter, which have thrilled audiences. 

Neeson is also known for experimenting across several genres. He’s appeared in Martin Scorsese’s religious epic Silence, the Coen brother’s epic western The Ballad of Buster Scruggs, romantic dramas and many more. 

Currently, the actor is busy shooting for his upcoming Netflix thriller In the Lands of Saints and Sinners, which also stars Ciaran Hinds, Kerry Condon, and Jack Gleeson. Filmed in Donegal, the streamer has changed Dublin streets to show an era shift and stars Neeson as a retired assassin caught in a dangerous chase with a gang of vengeful delinquents. 

While Neeson is an acclaimed actor in the industry, some of his films still remain overlooked. One such underrated film would be the 2014 neo-noir film A Walk Among the Tombstones

The film is directed by Scott Frank and based on Lawrence Block’s eponymous 1992 novel. It stars Neeson in the lead alongside Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens, Stranger Things star David Harbour and Boyd Holbrook from Milk

Set in the deadly criminal underbelly of New York, Neeson stars as a jaded former cop-turned-private detective and recovering alcoholic Matt Scudder in what is one of his most compelling roles in recent memory. 

A drug dealer appoints him to find the men who kidnapped his wife when he stumbles upon a grave conspiracy.

Dark and gritty, the film sees Neeson engage in iconic telephone conversations yet again, ringing in the nostalgia of Taken. While the film does rely heavily upon genre elements, it is intriguing and suspenseful with a problematic cop in the centre who is burdened by his tragic past. 

A slow and gloomy film about the complexities of revenge, this old-school classic is underrated and deserves a watch today.

Watch A Walk Among The Tombstones on Netflix now.