Watch this underrated Jake Johnson comedy film before it leaves Netflix
(Credit: Netflix)


Watch this underrated Jake Johnson comedy film before it leaves Netflix

In the vast sea of content on Netflix, many gems often go unnoticed, waiting to be discovered by the discerning viewer. It becomes increasingly more challenging to do so when the dumbest of films keep getting recommended because of how the algorithms work.

One hidden treasure on the platform right now is Win it All, a comedy-drama that deserves far more recognition than it has garnered thus far. Starring Jake Johnson, who endeared to so many as the perennially grouchy Nick Miller in the hit sitcom New Girl, this film offers a fun take on the gambling genre.

But here’s the catch: Win it All is about to bid adieu to Netflix, despite being an original. While licensing agreements and expiring music/artwork licenses may contribute to the decision to remove original content from the platforms, sometimes it is done for other reasons. Originals can be removed from OTTs due to strategic rotation—which creates a sense of urgency to watch something before it leaves. Then, there are considerations like performance metrics and alignment with the company’s content strategy, which are also significant factors. 

Nonetheless, there is no guarantee a retired title will return to the platform or be licensed by any other streamer in the future. This makes it imperative for fans of Johnson and aficionados of lowkey fun films to catch Win it All before it’s too late.

Directed by Joe Swanberg, who is known for his indie sensibilities, and co-written by Swanberg and Johnson himself, Win it All follows the story of Eddie Garrett (played by Johnson), a lovable but hapless gambler who gets entangled in a high-stakes situation after being entrusted with a mysterious duffel bag full of money. At first, Eddie resists temptation but then ends up losing it all, and things start to spiral. As he finds his way out of the mess, he also happens to fall in love.

Chuck Bowen of Slant Magazine praised the film, noting, “Joe Swanberg’s Win It All understands addicts in a fashion that’s unusual for American cinema.” The film gears up to play around with familiar tropes of gambling films but always keeps it light. Along with Johnson, the film also stars stars alongside Joe Lo Truglio and Keegan-Michael Key.

In an interview with, Johnson expressed his desire to create a gambling movie that was not very doom and gloom. He remarked, “I wanted to make a gambling movie because I love gambling movies, but I also wanted to make it a romantic comedy that would make you laugh, and I wanted you to like the characters. And if Joe [Swanberg] and I went too far deep into darkness, I don’t think we’d be able to pull ourselves out,” continued Johnson, “I wanted it to be a big, fun ending.”

With its departure looming close, on April 7th, watch Win it All on Netflix before it’s too late.