Watch this Kevin Costner classic before it  leaves Netflix
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Watch this Kevin Costner classic before it leaves Netflix

Known for films like The Bodyguard, Robin Hood: A Prince of Thieves and Man of Steel, Kevin Costner has been an iconic actor of the 1980s and ’90s, who has recently been more acknowledged for his role in popular TV series Yellowstone

Although it has been quite some time since Costner has starred in action films, many of his action thrillers have started climbing up Netflix charts, namely The Guardian and Mr Brooks, thus helping the audience revel in the actor’s brilliance yet again. However, one of his most beloved fan favourites is set to leave Netflix on February 28th, 2022. 

With a whopping 83 per cent score on Rotten Tomatoes, the 1990 epic American western film Dances with Wolves was adapted from Michael Blake’s 1988 eponymous novel. 

Starring as the lead, Union Army Lieutenant John J. Dunbar who is deemed a hero after their victory, the film also marked Costner’s directorial debut. He was a brilliant leader to the team despite his inexperience, and according to the cinematographer Dean Semler, “never fumbled”. 

Semler also said that Costner “knew exactly what he wanted for every scene. He had a real strong sense of what the movie should look like. I’ve worked with a lot more experienced directors who weren’t nearly as confident.” 

In the film, Dunbar requests a position in the West where he befriends the native tribe. Following a series of life-changing experiences, he slowly begins to shed off the white man’s privilege. 

The project was turned down by various studios before it was thrust into Costner’s able hands. Despite shooting in extreme weather conditions, it prevailed as one of the best westerns ever made, with its engrossing visuals and epic narrative dripping with grandeur and entertainment.

With 12 Academy Award nominations, of which they won seven, including Best Picture and Best Director, Dances with Wolves made history by being one of the only three westerns to have bagged the much-coveted Best Picture Award. 

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