Watch this hilarious collection of ‘Breaking Bad’ bloopers
(Credit: HBO)


Watch this hilarious collection of 'Breaking Bad' bloopers

Who is the coolest chemistry teacher in this contemporary world where education follows the same framework as in the 1960s? Walter White. Who is Walter White? I believe no film and tv enthusiasts need an explanation for that. ‘Breaking Bad’ is an epic crime drama series with a neo-western undertone and is known for its dark comedy. As a character, he decides to start making meth as he realises he needs to pay off his medical debt in a way to support his family. However, the series takes a turn when he partners with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul), one his prior students. This AMC’s hit crime series to date continues to be one of the most popular shows in spite of ending almost a decade ago.

A popular spin-off fans closely followed is the show ‘Better Call Saul’ which just reached its fresh end in a rather grand finale episode. Although we can categorise ‘Breaking Bad’ to be rather an intense show filled with nail-biting episodes, several behind-the-scenes and bloopers released prove what a fun, enjoyable, and blast of a time the vibrant cast had during filming. 

If you have not come across such a clip, best of Netflix has found the best compilation of the many clips that breaks a silent room into laughter. From our favourite Bryan Cranston breaking out in Japanese amidst dialogues, to technical malfunctions on set- this clip has got you covered. Breaking Bad had a good run from 2008 to 2013 closely following the journey of the lead after he found out he had inoperable lung cancer. Even though he began manufacturing meth to secure his family’s future after he dies, things soon took a rather odd turn and he found himself deep within the underworld system in a way that he could not escape. Not that he wanted to.

The show brought an interesting perspective presenting how this school teacher had probably the most fun time of his life while doing what he was doing. As the set was filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, it is safe to say that the cast had quite a few problems with the weather but they treated that with humour. 

This multi-award-winning show did its homework and made sure to make accurate references to the chemistry used behind creating crystal meth. However, there were quite a few artistic additions made to the script to intensify the plot. Had it been Walter were really a chemistry teacher riding on a career change of that sort, in reality, it is safe to say, it would be a lot more complicated. Along with paying close attention to details when it came to chemistry on-screen, the star-studded cast definitely maintained to do so behind.

If you are one of the purists and miss the show (especially the iconic duo of Mr White and Jesse) as much as we do, do not miss out on watching this fun-filled compilation of bloopers which will all the old memories gushing right back.