Watch the worst Stephen King film adaptation on Netflix
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Watch the worst Stephen King film adaptation on Netflix

The masterful ‘King’ of horror, Stephen King, has written a massive collection of short stories and novels, holding the proud record of having the most book-to-film adaptations among other living authors.

Due to the maestro’s deft use of horror and fear, directors and screenwriters are obsessed with his works and have consistently adapted those using a fresh perspective, leading to the well-known “Stephen King renaissance”. 

Out of his most popular adaptations, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining was the author’s least favourite. Some of the other adaptations include Carrie, Pet Sematary, 1922. Cujo, It, The Mist, Doctor Sleep, The Misery etc. 

While Mr. Harrigan’s Phone is yet to make a debut on Netflix and The Boogeyman is currently in production, Netflix has a variety of King’s adaptations adorning its shelves, including the worst-ever film adaptation of the author’s work. 

Vincenzo Natali’s 2019 film, In the Tall Grass, stars Patrick Wilson, Rachel Wilson, Will Buie Jr., Laysla De Oliveira, and others. Adapted from King and Joe Hill’s 2012 eponymous celebrated novella, the film has a flimsy 36% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has been identified as one of the worst movies on Netflix

While the filmmaker tried to replicate the claustrophobic atmospheric horror characteristic of King’s work, the incoherent dialogues and the inconsistent storytelling marred his efforts. 

This horror thriller revolves around a pair of youngsters drawn in by a young boy’s cry for help. When they venture into a maze filled with tall, intimidating grass to rescue him, they find themselves in the middle of a sinister plot where they are alienated from the outside world. 

It is hard for fans to be invested in the story due to the lack of fleshed-out characters or a gripping plot. To say it is a disservice to King’s work is an understatement. 

Watch the trailer of the film below: