10 worst-rated Netflix horror films
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10 worst-rated Netflix horror films

Checking the score of a film on Rotten Tomatoes before diving into it has become an involuntary response for many of us. More often than not, the Tomatometer saves us from indulging in trashy films and helps us handpick good ones that we might genuinely enjoy.

Nearly a decade after reigning supreme in the list of streaming services, Netflix has been producing reams of original content, much of which has been widely acclaimed and well-received. While they release titles across all genres, the streamer seemingly has a soft spot for the genre and subgenres of horror and has produced a variety of original horror content. 

While horror projects like Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box or Mike Flanagan’s Gerald’s Game have been lauded for their brilliant premise, the 2020 film, His House, starring Sope Dirisu and Wunmi Mosaku, received a whopping 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. The film was a harrowing delight for fans as it concentrated on the overall fear arising from the idea of a haunted house and other demons, including survivor’s guilt, immigrant’s anxiety and more. 

However, in their desire to produce a variety of content, more often than not, the streamer has produced a lot of terrible horror flicks that have been borderline amusing and offensive to aficionados of the genre. The lowest-rated Netflix Original film has a paltry and embarrassing 19% rating on Rotten Tomatometer. 

If you wanted a good laugh in the guise of horror and were ever wondering about the really horrible horror films on Netflix, watch the films stated below, if you dare.

Here are the ten worst-rated Netflix horror films according to Rotten Tomatoes

10 worst Netflix horror films according to Rotten Tomatoes

10. Things Heard & Seen – 39%  
9. In The Tall Grass – 36% 
8. Cadaver – 33% 
7. Death Note – 30% 
6. Rattlesnake – 30% 
5. The Silence – 29%
4. Ghost Lab – 29% 
3. Secret Obsession – 28% 
2. The Cloverfield Paradox – 21%
1. The Open House – 13%